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Motorbike lock that is designed to protect your bike from theft as well as become a part of bike. This is what separates it from other locks. Each lock is unique to a brand of bikes, and different models. The system locks your tire in place—doesn’t harm breaks like the risk from disk locks—if you forget it just clicks and stalls engine. They make systems for Harleys, Yamahas, as well as a system for Japanese bikes and one for European bikes.

About Roadlok

Roadlok was created as a response to the troubles people were having with disk locks. They designed the first motorcycle immobilizer to fix this problem. For about nine years now they’ve been selling their immobilizers. Last year they partnered with Motolease so that dealerships in the U.S could sell their systems to customers at the same time as the customer is buying their motorcycle. They have distributors in select locations around the world including Italy and Austria, South Africa, China and Japan, and Australia. Their products are manufactured in the U.S.

What customers are saying about RoadLok?

Many motorcyclists that have purchased a Roadlok system have been satisfied. They mention in their reviews that the lock is better than a regular disk lock, much more convenient, and blends in with their bike. They have said that the system is easy to install and when they forget to remove the pin before they ride it’s just as the company claims, the system just makes the tires lock and the engine stalls.

RoadLok Price and Warranty

From $239.99-$299.99

Limited lifetime warranty-a year after your purchase you may have to pay fees. As for discounts, they offer discounts to Blue Knight Riders as well as for United States military.

You can find it on >HERE<

Contact Information

You can send them a message by visiting and filling out their online form.

Is Roadlok for you?

A Roadlok system could be a solid security option for your bike if you have a model that they manufacture for. This is one of the drawbacks of the product. While Roadblok is one of a kind motorcycle security system and becomes a part of your bike, its uniqueness also means it’s not universal like many other locks. If you don’t have a motorcycle that they produce for, or you have aftermarket breaking components, Roadlok is not for you. But if you do happen to have one it’s worth looking into as most customer reviews are very positive. The Roadlok systems do greatly reduce the risk of your bike being stolen because it immobilizes the tires, so a bike that weighs a few hundred pounds will not very easily be removed from wherever you left it. Roadlok is also safer and more convenient than disk locks because it presents no harm to your breaks and once the system is installed it’s on there for good. All you have to carry with you is the pin. All in all, the bottom line here is that the Roadlok is a good addition to your bike.


-Reduces the risk of your bike being stolen.

-Does not damage your breaks.

-Is designed to fit well with and blend in with your bike.

-Good price for a quality lock.


-The lock is not available for all kinds of bikes.

-Has no alarm or mechanism to alert you if your bike is being tampered with.

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