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About Ride-On Carry-On

The Ride-On Carry-On is the solution to the hassle of traveling with strollers. The comfortable seat securely attaches to the back of your rolling luggage, creating a stroller for babies and toddlers that makes airplane travel easy. The Ride-On Carry-On seats kids from 8 months to 50 lbs, fits standard carry-on luggage, includes a headrest that doubles as a tray table, and folds flat for overhead bin storage.

The Ride-On Carry-On was originally featured on Shark Tank where it garnered plenty of viewership, and now you can read product reviews and see what other moms and dads say about the Ride-On Carry-On stroller.

Pricing and Details

  • Ride-On Carry-On’ instantly converts your wheeled carry-on luggage into a travel stroller.
  • Website: http: //rideoncarryon.org/
  • Price: $49.95 & $84.95
  • Contact No: 204-795-9393

Decide for yourself if the Ride-On Carry-On is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • I have always struggled when travelling alone with my 2 young children. Ride on carry on seat has made our travelling so much easier, it is very simple to attach and fold. It is the most practical item I have ever bought.What a lifesaver. Money well spent.
  • Great item. Wonderful for travel! Good for toddlers going thru airports or train stations. Also good as high chair for feeding while traveling.
  • bought it several years ago and still use it. It is fun as people watch you with a smile and practical it your little one is too tired to walk. love it!!!!

Negative Experiences

  • Young children are naturally inquisitive and want to see what is going on. They move surprisingly fast and can run into the path of a moving vehicle without warning.
  • I cannot believe I was ever able to travel with a toddler before ordering the Ride-On Carry-On. Essential, especially if you are travelling without another adult. The biggest hassel you will have is being stopped to be asked where you purchased it.
  • Falls are the most common cause of injury when using small wheeled devices. There have been reports of injuries resulting from collisions with other people and objects. Most falls are the result of simple loss of control.
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