Rick DeLuca Seminars and Real Estate Training [REVIEWS]

Rick DeLuca Seminars and Real Estate Training
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About Rick DeLuca Seminars and Real Estate Training

Rick DeLuca offers education, training, and various products to help you succeed in real estate. What separates his programs from other real estate trainers is his ideology. With DeLuca you get programs stuffed with as many as ideas and information for success as possible. DeLuca himself claims that he doesn’t tell stories or jokes, but offers “proven methods.” These methods specialize in making agents more efficient and productive in their endeavors. One such method is his twelve week program that is supposedly guarantees success. It is a fully detailed plan, outlined with activities and tips.

Quick Insight on Rick DeLuca Seminars and Real Estate Training

The topics of these programs are based on planning, consistency, and management. He has several different seminars that cover these topics, designed for those that are relatively new to real estate all the way to those that are doing well in their business but would like to do even better. Each program is between an hour and a half, and three hours. DeLuca sells products that are based on these programs, such as DVD sets of his action plans, CDs detailing instruction, and even pre organized campaigns that help agents sell. DeLuca has almost 40 years of experience in real estate. He has been an agent, manager, and instructor.

Pricing of Rick DeLuca Seminars and Training

The cost of attending a seminar will vary, but his products range from $100-200.

Contact information for Rick DeLuca Seminars

  • Phone: 800-636-9883 or 541-388-2422
  • Email: rds@rickdeluca.com

Reviews for Rick DeLuca Seminars and Real Estate Training

Those that have attended these seminars feel kind of lukewarm about them. There is not a lot raving going on for Rick DeLuca, but people do seem to come away with some helpful information. Attendees do appreciate that when they a Rick DeLuca seminar, or purchase one of his products, they come away with some valuable tips that will help their business. Agents have said that the seminars do give them keys to becoming successful, or more successful. More enthusiastic reviews say that the seminars are actually great, motivational presentations.

PROS and CONS of Rick DeLuca Seminars and Training:


  • There are programs for everyone, no matter the amount of experience.
  • You can expect to come away with at least some valuable information to help your business.


  • There are only a few seminars spattered across several states, so they are not that easily accessible.
  • If you enjoy some good banter, stories, or humor, this might not be the training service for you.

Bottom Line—Rick DeLuca Seminars and Training

Do you want to learn how to be more productive and efficient, without those awful jokes most seminar speakers tell? Then DeLuca is your man! The bottom line here is, yes you have a pretty good chance of learning some stuff from one of this guy’s programs. And, it has helped some people in the past. While these programs aren’t in very many locations, if he is in your area he might be worth a shot at going to see.

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