Retinol Gel (Botanic Choice) [REVIEWS]

Retinol Gel (Botanic Choice)

About Retinol Gel (Botanic Choice)

Retinol Gel is a Botanic Choice skin cream. Like many other companies out there, they want to help you look younger, fresher, and most importantly, less wrinkly. This skin cream is there solution to the natural aging process. Retinol Gel is manly composed of retinol, which happens to have a lot of vitamin A in it. This cream, when consistently applied to the face, is supposed to do several things. For one, it’s meant to reduce that ruddy look. Two, the skin cream is supposed to make wrinkles look softer by exposing firmer, newer skin. And lastly, the ingredients of the cream are intended to promote production of skin cells, meaning your skin should look fresher as a result.

Quick Insights about Retinol Gel (Botanic Choice)

For over a hundred years Botanic Choice has been in the health and beauty industry, selling what they call natural products. Retinol Gel (Botanic Choice) is their natural skin solution, gently applied right on top of all of your unwanted lines. The cream is absorbed and helps make the skin smoother and less red. It is supposed to good for all types of skin, and can be applied at any time but it’s recommended to be put on at night.

Pricing and Refund for Retinol Gel (Botanic Choice)

Two ounces of Retinol Gel (Botanic Choice) will cost you about $11 from Botanic Choice. It’s also available on Amazon for about $13. When you purchase this skin cream from Botanic Choice you are capable of getting a refund if you’re unsatisfied for any reason and wish to return it. Simply send it back to them and you can get your money.

Contact Information for Botanic Choice

  • Twitter: @BotanicChoice
  • Facebook:
  • Phone: 1-800-644-8327
  • Website:
  • Buy it >HERE< on

Reviews for Retinol Gel (Botanic Choice)

There’s lots of love for this skin cream. Customers haven given positive feedback, stating that they use it regularly, it feels great, has helped reduce their wrinkles, and has given their skin a nice glow. People have also noted that this cream is not greasy, a common problem with lotions and creams. However, the unhappy customers have complained of the ingredients. This product is just not natural enough for them. Some people, especially those with sensitive skin, have reported some side effects like burning, redness, and rough skin after using it. Some have also said that it makes their skin look shiny.

Pros and Cons of Retinol Gel (Botanic Choice)


  • Botanic Choice Retinol Gel is not greasy.
  • The cream only has to be applied once a day, and can be put on at night.
  • It’s cheaper than many skin creams on the market.


  • If you have sensitive skin, you may experience rough red skin and burning after using this.
  • While it doesn’t seem to be a greasy feeling skin cream, this product might leave your skin looking shiny.
  • Some ingredients in this product are known to be toxic, so long term use could have a very negative impact on your health.
  • Retinoids, like are found in this product, may cause inflammation, redness, and make skin thinner.

Benefits and Side Effects of the Main Ingredient in Retinol Gel (Botanic Choice)

The main ingredient in this skin cream is a retinoid. This is a controversial ingredient in the health industry, as professionals and researchers alike are split on its benefits and side effects. Studies have shown that retinoids do indeed reduce wrinkles and redness. However, there’s also evidence suggesting that these can cause inflammation and make the skin thinner. In the long run, it’s possible for these to actually cause premature aging, rather than keep you looking young. Propylene Glycol can cause skin irritation or even dermatitis. Isopropyl Palmitate can do the same thing, in addition to promoting acne. Triethanolamine in cosmetics is known to commonly be contaminated with carcinogens. It is irritating to the body’s tissues.

Bottom Line—Retinol Gel (Botanic Choice)

For this product, the possible side effects outweigh the possible benefits. While this skin cream could make your skin look younger and fresher and even reduce wrinkles, it might only be so on a very small scale. In addition to that, you risk all of these other side effects. You might do more harm to your skin than good, especially since there are toxic ingredients in this product. Perhaps there’s a better, and healthier, way for you to reduce those wrinkles and have a nice glow. But certainly don’t bother trying with this product.

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