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RefreshBox delivers a curated, personalized newsletter right to your inbox once a week. Once you curated content for the newsletter, RefreshBox will organize it into a 5-link newsletter that you and others can subscribe to. This is an easy way to create a community and audience for shared interests.

RefreshBox allows you to make a personal newsletter and also subscribe to other newsletters without additional spam or catches. already has a growing user base, and you can read user reviews for the site posted below. Details

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Decide for yourself if the is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • I’m using RefreshBox in beta right now, and it’s a quick and easy way to set up a “ReDef” style email newsletter. They handle the subscribers, unsubscribers, etc., and you just supply five great, curated links. There’s room to comment on each link, and a space to provide an intro to the email as well. There are lots of features thatcould be added, but right now I’m appreciating the simplicity!
  • I think Refreshbox is a timely solution to a growing need. Offering few, curated and hand-picked resources to one’s own following of readers. The recipe of 5 links in an email newsletter is a good one as it simple, easily scanable, information-rich, and trusted.
  • I started using RefreshBox about a week ago after seeing it in Product Hunt. While still in early stages I think it is a great product with a lot of potential. For someone who does not already have a list and is looking to get started it is a simple way and I like the limit of 5 links keeping it focussed. I started one on Customer Support and pretty simple to maintain.

Negative Experiences

  • I see a challenge of making sure people are curating quality content and this it doesn’t become a form of people setting up garbage and spam links to their own stuff without value. A lot of new tools in the curation space will be interesting to see how this all play out. Certainly like the looks and there is something nice about the limit of 5 articles.
  • I love the upswing in newsletters these days, but the content gen as lead gen down this way kinda bums me out. Hopefully for you guys, you get a critical mass that makes someone open their email and say “these two people pretty much just sent me the same thing.
  • At this point we clearly need a curator for the curators that curate on top of other curator’s interestingness in order to surface and filter the important from the essential.
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