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About ReadeRest – As Seen on Shark Tank

Always keep your glasses safe, with the ReadeREST. With this product, you never have to worry about scratched, broken, or dropped glasses anymore!The ReadeREST attaches to your clothes, and is always by your side. Its same and simple. Also, its lightweight, that way your clothes will never be damaged. The product is secure, and uses a magnetic force to keep your glasses in place! The powerful magnet holds the hook securely to your clothing, without making a mark on the fabric, but removes easily when you want to use it on a different item of clothing. Be worry-free with the ReadeREST, eyeglass holder, and never worry about breaking or losing them again.

If you wear eyeglasses, and is constantly looking for your eyeglass case, well look no more, because the ReadeREST product is there when you need them. Always have your glasses by your side because they attach right to your clothes. This effective product makes life easier for people that wear glasses. The ReadeREST is convenient, strong, and is worth your while! Try them at your own leisure, but remember to make sure its really want you want!

Product Details

Product nameDetailsPrice
Carry Case Gift Set – for herIncludes Carry Case and 3 Best Selling Swarovski ReadeRests.$49.99
Carry Case Gift Set – for himIncludes Carry Case and 3 Best Selling ReadeRests.$35.00
Best Value Pack – stainless steel twin packTwo of Original Stainless Steel ReadeRests allow you to share one or keep both for yourself.$17.99
Best Value Pack – Black & Stainless steel twin packOne Stainless Steel & One GunMetal Black- Save when you buy more.$19.99
Best Value Packs – Pro PackOne Stainless, One Black & One White- Save when you buy more.$28.88
Designer Edition Heart – Stainless Steel/Red/PinkWear your heart on your sleeve, literally! This uniquely shaped ReadeREST is the perfect fashion accessory.$15.99-$17.99
Designer Edition Wide Body Deluxe – stainless steelPerfect for keeping wide, designer sunglasses safe.$15.99
ReadeRestStainless Steel/Gunmetal Black/Whisper White/Bubblegum/Cobalt$9.99- $11.99
Swarovski EditionGunmetal Black/Stainless Steel/Whisper White/Khaki/Bubblegum/Cobalt/Neon Lime Green/Olive/Sunbrust/6 Crystal Stainless Steel$14.99- $19.99
Warranty: 1-year
Phone: 855-321-7732

Decide for yourself if the ReadeRest is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences     

  • Very easy to wear on a shirt or a thin jacket. it really does hold my sunglasses in place without falling on the ground. Great product and i would definitely recommend this item.
  • These little gizmos work! I constantly take my glasses on and off. Until now, I always placed them in the collar of my shirt. Where, like clockwork they would fall from if I bent over. Lots of scratched lens later, I found these babies. I put the 2-piece magnetic holder near my collar & hang them there and they never fall off when I bend over.
  • Had a habit of laying my glasses down and couldn’t ever find them until now ReadeRest is the Best thing invented.

Negative Experiences

  • Saw this on Shark Tank. Loved the idea, so I bought a set for my girlfriend’s Christmas stocking. She loved them except that the magnets fell off.. First one side fell off of one so I reqlued it with super glue. Other one fell off. I reglued it. They keep falling off. Not happy. Magnets need to be soldered or affixed some other way. Very Disappointed.
  • Broke within weeks. The glue was not strong enough to hold the magnets. Rendering the product unusable. I would not recommend this product.
  • These don’t work for me. When I take my glasses out the magnets pull apart and then I’m chasing parts. Can’t use them.
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