RAY Super TV Remote [Reviews]

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About RAY Super TV Remote

The Ray Super TV Remote allows for full control of your home theatre with an easy to use design modeled like the smartphone you already use each day. The remote connects to your WiFi for quick setup without the hassle of programming. The remote has oversized buttons for simplified use, is ideal for low light theatres, and allows you to vote on program content and get personalized program guides.

The Ray Super TV Remote works across multiple devices and components and is compatible with all smartphones making it the most accessible home theatre remote. You can read how well the Ray TV remote works by scrolling to the user reviews posted below.

RAY Super TV Remote Pricing and Details

  • Control : TVs
  • Website: http://www.ray.co/
  • Email: hello@ray.co
  • Price: $19.99 – $49.99

Decide for yourself if the RAY Super TV Remote is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • I am very happy with my replacement remote. I dropped the original in water for about 2 seconds, and of course it broke. Since I use my Blu Ray player everyday to TV shows, I desperately needed another. I was thrilled to find I did not have to reprogram this remote to work with my Blu Ray!! It arrived very quickly and I am very happy with this product.
  • This is a great remote in every way; it’s sleek, has a nice feel to it, the most common buttons are large and quickly accessible, and it’s not a battery drainer. However, it does everything the wireless controller can do, albeit faster, so just make sure that you wouldn’t rather just buy a movie or something instead.
  • Trying to find a universal remote is next to impossible I could do everything but system updates and open and close the tray. Took a chance and order a replacement. It works great. The price wasn’t bad either.

Negative Experiences

  • Do not buy this. When you press fast forward or rewind, it all works fine, but when it comes time to press play or pause the Playstation often does not respond to the button press. This is great if you are really fat and are trying to lose weight by sprinting to the console, turning on the control pad and pressing play or pause to stop the fast forward function.
  • Make sure your remote is not refurbished like mine was, chances are it will only work for a while then be useless. Mine lasted 6 months, and I barely used it.
  • I chose this product because of the great reviews and because it was advertised as original and new. I received a defective remote control with rusted and missing battery coils/springs.
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