Qubits 2.0 Geometric Design Toy [Reviews] As Seen on Shark Tank

qubits 2.0
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About Qubits 2.0 Geometric Design Toy -As Seen on Shark Tank

Qubits is a construction toy that teaches your child understand geometry and spatial design while having fun building new structures with infinite possibilities. Qubits come in 2 basic shapes snap together to assemble into fantastic constructions. Since it’s also compatible with LEGO, K’nex, SuperStruts, Hot Wheels and more, the possibilities are endless.

While Qubits are a great way to stimulate your child’s creativity and spatial processes, they’re by no means only for kids. Young adults enjoy them for school projects, robotics or just fun! Qubits was originally showcased on the TV show Shark Tank, and now you can read what people say about by reading the use reviews posted below.

Pricing and Details

  • 2 Pieces – 48 Qubits and 24 bridges, enough pieces to build long spans and tall structures!
  • Qubits giant kit 44.95, Qubits travel kit 24.95$
  • comes with color instructions – This is the only construction toy to ever appear on ABC Shark Tank!
  • Website: qubitstoy.com

Decide for yourself if the Qubits 2.0 Geometric Design Toy is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • Quite hard to fit together and just comes in clear plastic bag. This obviously lets the rice stay low but doesn’t look great as a present. Nice and colourful and well made.
  • There is nothing wrong with this, but it is a little frustrating in that the corner pieces will only fit over single thickness edges, and in order to put pieces together you need to make them double thickness. It’s not as versatile as I imagined from the description, and although the children do play with it, they don’t choose it as often as I hoped, nor do they play with if for extended periods of time. If I was spending the same money again I think I’d get better value from lego.
  • My 5 yr old girl loved this and her 10 yr old sister was also very taken with it. It’s great for the imaginative and creative. If you like building things and fancy a change from Lego, then this is a great choice!

Negative Experiences

  • Ordered 2 of these. Still awaiting the one and when the other arrived the packaging was torn open so I was unable to give as a gift. Very small also!
  • Very challenging for a 6-year-old to put together on his own, and there are a lot of warnings included in the instructions about the “toxic dust” that is created when you chisel the bits apart, which makes me nervous. I like the idea of it, but in practice requires too much supervision, MAY be toxic, and does not include instructions for how to recycle. My child lost interest after building the base and it is sitting unfinished in the closet.
  • Very disappointed in the quality and packaging brought to give as gifts but they look very cheap. Although they were a bargain price so guess I really did get what I paid for.
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