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Purrfect Arch For Cats
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About Purrfect ARCH – As Seen on TV

Do you have a cat? If so, you know shedding and scratching can be a real issue for your furry friend. The solution to your issue is called the Purrfect Arch.
Purrfect Arch is a self-grooming, massage device, and toy for cats. It is basically a large bristle brush bent in the shape of an ∩ it’s for the cats to rub themselves against it and remove shedding hairs and keep them entertained for couple hours a day. It probably doesn’t hurt that there’s catnip embedded in the carpet base.

Purrfect Arch Features:

  • New groomer that brushes cats’ coats while they play with it.
  • Cat grooming arch removes shedding hair and keeps kitty entertained for several hours.
  • Durable cat scratcher bristles designed to remove loose, shedding hair while stimulating your cat’s fur with a massage.
  • Super sturdy carpet base is perfect for scratching.
  • Brushing your cat’s coat is impossible! Purrfect Arch(TM) bristles contain loose fur for stress-free at-home grooming.
  • Suitable for indoor use only.
  • Plastic, nylon, wood and polyester construction.

How does the Purrfect Arch work:
Purrfect Arch has a wooden base that’s covered in carpet and has a pretty large U-shaped bristle brush mounted on top. There is also a small compartment on the underside to put in catnip, it will encourage kitty to play and scratch.
Cats like to naturally rub against things and “Purrfect Arch” will serve that, ahem, purpose. The base has rubberized feet so it won’t slip and that the brush is durable and will deep clean your cat’s coat.

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Decide for yourself if the Purrfect ARCH is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences/strong>

  • Cats love it. I have 5 cats and at one time or another they all have used this. They love to scratch their head and neck with it. I have had one for years now. It is a little wobbly, but that is because of so much use over the years. I am getting another one for another room.
  • My cat loves it. She loves her face scratched, now she can do it herself.
  • My cat loves it. My cat LOVES this product. A little catnip put on the base was all he needed to be introduced to it. I thought that maybe the catnip would have to be applied regularly for him to use it. But it is his go-to-spot (catnip or not) to lay his head on for a nap, or scratch at the carpet. He also rubs up against the bristles and it catches a good amount of fur. I have no complaints about it. This is by far the best product I have bought for my kitty

Negative Experiences

  • Cat’s not interested. I was so excited about this product I couldn’t wait to get it home. But once I put the product out my cat sniffed and looked at it but was not interested it whatsoever. This is a complete waste of money and a waste of a project. Although my cat did like the catnip that was the only thing he enjoyed.
  • Left it alone. It’s not a matter of some cats may like this and some may not them being a finicky creature. I have 4 cats of all different genres and none of them used this product. They sniffed it and tried to chew on the bristles and left it alone. They didn’t even pay attention to the catnip in the carpet on the base.

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