Pure Safe Shell Glass Bottle [REVIEWS] As Seen on DIY Network’s “I Want That

Pure Safe Shell Glass Bottle
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About Pure Safe Shell Glass Bottle

This has to be probably the safest glass water bottle for anyone out there. Pure Safe-Shell Glass Bottle was featured on diy Network’s “I Want That” TV show! You can drop, reuse it, and fill it with food to flavor your water easily. Normally, we wouldn’t talk a glass item out the house, let alone a water bottle. But this product is made with glass on the inside and a clear, strong coating on the outside to protect from shattering when dropped on the ground inside or outside. Protect your hands, feet, legs, and children by switching to the Pure Safe Shell Glass Bottle. Non-toxic, recyclable, and simple to use, just fill it up, with your favorite drink and continue to do your everyday life style.

Always stay safe and secure when you have the Pure Safe Shell Glass Bottle. Regular plastic water bottles get thrown away sometimes after one use, and leak if the cap isn’t on properly. With this reusable product just wash it out and use it as many times as you want! For anyone that does sports, works in an office, teachers, or students, the Pure Safe Shell Glass Bottle has you protected against dangerous falls. If you are a non-believer about this glass water bottle, please go read the Pure Safe Shell Glass Bottle reviews, and get yours today.

Pure Safe Shell Glass Bottle Pricing/Details

  • Website: www.pureglassbottle.com
  • Price: $21.95
  • 25 ounce (740 ml) 10″ high and 3″ diameter base.
  • 2 parts
  • You can find it on Amazon.com >HERE<


Decide for yourself if the Pure Safe Shell Glass Bottle is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • I’ve been using this bottle for about a year and am very impressed! It is well designed, sanitary and durable. Customer service is pretty great too
  • That safe shell is awesome. Nothing worse than cleaning up broken glass with kids around
  • What a pretty bottle. I also like that it is shatter proof so you can take it with you without fear of breaking.

Negative Experiences

  • That is a risk! At least if you drop it, you know it wouldn’t break all over the place. I think it’d be nice if it came out with some sort of protective cover that you could slip over the glass. That part wouldn’t be as environmentally friendly
  • However, they’re not the perfect bottle to use, while taking any kind of pills, because of the small opening on the lid,.
  • the mouth of it is small which makes cleaning other beverages out of it challenging.
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