Providence Seminars by Brian Buffini [REVIEWS]

Providence Seminars by Brian Buffini
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About Providence Seminars by Brian Buffini

Brian Buffini is a real estate mentor who has helped thousands of service industry professionals
implement his referral system and see tremendous success, according to his website.

Features and Benefits

Biran Buffini offer seminars, books and programs on his website to help professionals acquire the skills needed to see his referral system bring a steady stream of income. Seminars are available for booking on the website, where you can also purchase tickets to upcoming seminars and conferences.


Prices vary depending on which seminar you choose.  A free business consulation is available at

Does Buffini’s Method Work?

Reviews aren’t very easy to find for his seminars, but according to people who have attended and who have read his materials, Buffini knows what he’s doing and his training is worth the price. Commenters discussing his seminars and teachings noted that he’s a great source for motivation and called his 100 Days to Greatness one of the best investments a Real Estate agent could make.



Learn Buffini’s referral method, which he claims will increase your income and give you a steady base of referrals and clients


With something as abstract as this, there is no guarantee that there will be payoff in the end

Bottom Line: Should You Buffini’s System?

Because there are so many free resources and webcasts available on Buffini’s website, I would recommend listening to them to see if his style works for you before investing in more of his materials and seminars. Buffini is a very successful professional and his reputation precedes him in the Real Estate world, giving more reason to check out his programs.


Phone: 1-800-945-3485
Contact Page:

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