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ProTag Tracking Device
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About ProTag

Losing your important items can be stressful, especially if its your cell phone, luggage, or car keys, but worry no more with the product PROTAG. With PROTAG, you will always know where your things are and won’t have to backtrack in case you have lost something. Have the security that you want because when you have left your left your items, you get a notification alerting you that your items are not with you. Stop worrying, because the PROTAG provides you assurance, and the security you need and deserve.

PROTAG is a small blue tooth device that alerts you when you have lost your items behind. Ideal for anyone, who wants to be safe, you have nothing to worry about whenever you go out. One of the cool features include a compatible app that alerts you when you leave your stuff behind. Parents, college students, and people on the go could all benefit from PROTAG. If you still don’t know if this product is right for you, read the ProTag Reviews, and find out how ProTag Tracking Device works, and can help your life.

ProTag Pricing/Details

  • Product Type: PROTAG Duet, PROTAG Elite and PROTAG G1
  • Categories: Automated Bluetooth 4.0 System Device
  • Price: $29.99 for PROTAG Duet

 $79.90 for PROTAG Elite

$24.90 for PROTAG G1


Decide for yourself if the ProTag Tracking Device App is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below


  • Awesome device. It tells me the last known location of my keys and the buzz feature is particularly useful at home when you cannot find your keys or remote control. The volume is just about right, enough for me to locate my misplaced item. Love the concept!
  • This is a great product. Iphone beeps when I leave my keys somewhere and the duet beeps when I leave my phone. Took a bit to put the batteries in. Make sure two pens are on top of the battery–not all on the bottom or it won’t work. Once paired it works like a charm!
  • Great product. Have been using Duet on my keys for a couple of months. Works well as advertised. I have been able to track down my keys when I cannot find them. Am happy with it and would definitely recommend it!

Negative Experiences

  • This does not have GPS, it provides coordinates from the phone based on where the device lost blue-tooth connection. The ‘radar’ provides hot/cold feedback on whether the device is close to you, it does not show proximity on a 2-D map as the demo video implies. The price is steep given the functionality and product support (none).
  • Does not work as advertised. Confusing setup. Can’t set ringtone. Goes off when shouldn’t. Won’t reconnect properly. Radar feature works sort of – but not enough to useful for finding lost items.
  • I am a bit of a clutz, misplacing my wallet a couple of times. i read abt this product and decided to give it a shot… maybe we can finally use technology to overcome human forgetfulness. BUT boy was i wrong… this is purely technology that doesn’t work. I can put up with false alarms here and there… maybe the wallet was too full of stuff… maybe it was too deep in the bag. Yet on the one time i actually left my bag with wallet behind, it didn’t work.
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