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Get your startup the visibility it needs to take off is an online service that gives entrepreneurs a free list of over 100 sites and communities that help startups get early customers and feedback with details on how to submit your startup and audience demographics. Promotehour also offers a premium service to help with submitting products to save time and effort. Promotehour stands out from other promo websites in that it gives you all pertinent information needed to make your idea successful and reach its audience. was created to help developers promote their startups and to get an idea of how the market is behaving and what it wants. Many users have tried, and you can read their reviews below.

Pricing and Details

  • To save your time, we find the most relevant communities suitable for your startup and submit on them just for $49.
  • Website:

Decide for yourself if is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • It’s a good list of the places to promote your startup. Serves as a good reminder. Especially found the reach/size useful to know.
  • is the maker of this :) I also think this is a really nice bookmark that could come in handy when launching a product.

Negative Experiences

  • Hey man. Thanks for jumping in.
    My not being convinced of the value is the lack of certainty of a specific kind of outcome.
    $49 is a lot when your bootstrapping.

So if you could:
-a) provide any sort of guarantee – whether it has to do with # of customers/ #of qualified signups in X time frame – whatever the case is
-b)  back that up with a money back guarantee if those outcomes did not occur…. that would totally convince me to give the service a shot.

  • “Without a guarantee of a certain kind of outcome, I can’t see myself parting with any money for any product/service.”I don’t know a single website or distribution channel in the world that can guarantee this….


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