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Always want to know what the latest tech gadgets or mobile apps or life-easing products are? is for you. A community based website, ProductHunt is the place to go for daily product discovery and discussions about new products with other enthusiast. ProductHunt is expanding with new functionality and branching out into products in the games, music, fashion, television and movie spheres.

ProductHunt is a great service to discover new products and apps. It’s still in the beginning phases, but is already rapidly growing. To see what people say about, simply scroll down to read user reviews. Details

  • Product Hunt Plans to Unveil New Social Features for Community Members
  • Investment Will Help Product Hunt Grow Its Team and Expand into New Verticals, Including Games, TV, Movies, Music and Fashion
  • Website:
  • Contacts: 801-461-9767

Decide for yourself if the is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • Smartphone-powered nomadism is going to be very interesting.
  • Very impressive list of resources! Anything you could tell about the curation process?
  • The ultimate startup resource indeed. Very helpful, if only this would have been around when we set up our operations. So much time wasted on desk research, reinventing the wheel.

Negative Experiences

  • I didn’t even look at that. We’ve got something like 120 domains, most at godaddy, but a few I do on google for the free privacy. Granted why would I be embarrassed that I own a domain like, but still.
  • Category first. Alphabetically within category. One list. Separate categories.
  • Fantastic! Just missing a search function. I’d like to type something like ‘send email’ and it provides me a list of tools.
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