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Peter Hurley Photography
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About Peter Hurley Photography (

The website represents portrait photographer Peter Hurley. This renowned photographer is based out of Los Angeles and New York City. Peter Hurley has an extensive catalog of noteworthy clients such as Reebok, Levi’s, Microsoft, and Colgate. His specializes in head shots and also hosts workshops teaching other photographers some of his expert knowledge.

Quick Details about Peter Hurley Photography

  • Portrait photographer based out of New York City and Los Angeles
  • Past work with numerous high profile clients
  • Workshops to learn more about portrait photography
  • Associate photographers recommended for people outside of NYC and LA

 Peter Hurley Photography Pricing & Refund Policy

Peter Hurley Photography offers a few different pricing options depending on what type of photo shoot the client requests. There are also extra options to consider which require additional fees. Rates include $1,300 for a digital headshot session of about 2 hours, $1,800 for a digital portrait session of about 3 hours, and various corporate headshot options ranging from $1,000 to $9,000. Additional charges include hair/make-up, on location fee, consulting fee, and a fee for extending the session another hour. The cheapest option working with Peter Hurley is the power hour where you get a one hour portrait session for $1,000. After the first appointment there is a price reduction for future appointments.

What Do Other Consumers Have to Say about Peter Hurley Photography?

The almost unanimous opinion on Peter Hurley’s portrait photography is that booking a session with him is definitely worth the money. Peter Hurley has an excellent reputation in the industry and his head shots will make you look professional and serious. Although his rates are very high, the value you receive for your money is astounding.

Whats the Bottom line? Should you use Peter Hurley Photography to book an appointment?

Professional head shots are incredibly important if you want to appear serious and invested in your profession. I highly recommend booking a session through Peter Hurley Photography. If you are in need of head shots you absolutely cannot go wrong with getting them done by Peter Hurley. He delivers an excellent service and is clearly a master of his craft.

Peter Hurley Photography Pros and Cons


  • Peter Hurley is one of the best head shot photographers in the industry
  • Professional head shots can make you appear more serious about your profession
  • Complete confidence that you will receive stunning photos


  • Very expensive rates, especially for first time clients
  • Based out of NYC and Los Angeles, making it difficult for people that don’t live near these areas to book a session

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