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Palcohol (Powdered Alcohol)
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What is Palcohol?

It was only a matter of time really. Finally, liquor will be brought to us not in a bottle or in a box but in powder! Palcohol is exactly what it sounds like (not a creative name, but it gets the point across). The product, owned by Lipsmark LLC, will come in pouches and weigh about one ounce. Each pouch of powdered alcohol is equivalent to one shot. Palcohol will come in five different flavors: vodka, rum, margarita, cosmopolitan, and lemon drop. The powder is meant to be mixed with six ounces of liquid, and voila you have an alcoholic beverage. Palcohol will be sold beginning summer 2015, at the earliest.

Few Quick Details about Palcohol (Powdered Alcohol)

The product was created by a man named Mark Phillips. The brilliant idea struck him when he realized how much easier it’d be to get drunk on his outdoor adventures if he didn’t have to lug around all that heavy liquid liquor. But, Palcohol has also been approached by businesses interested in the product for other uses. For instance, people in the medical community think that powdered alcohol could be used as an antiseptic. Other industries think this could be possibly be used for fuel, such as for a stove.

Pricing for Palcohol

The company has not yet released its product, so the exact cost is not known. However, the company has mentioned that powdered alcohol is four times as expensive as regular alcohol.

Contact information for Palcohol

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What are people about Palcohol (Powdered Alcohol) ?

People are all over the board when comes to this product. There are those who can’t wait to start buying it, those that think they can innovate with it, and those that are absolutely dead set against it. And of course there also those people that don’t care either way. To sum it up, this is a controversial product mainly because certain people are very concerned that it will be more abused than liquid alcohol. Worries include children being able to get into it easier, minors being able to sneak it into school, and people snorting it. Because of these worries, powdered alcohol has already been banned in several states. On the other side of the controversy, people say that when there is a way to abuse a drug someone will. So, they think it’s no safer or more dangerous than regular alcohol.

Pros and Cons of Palcohol


  • It’s light weight, making it easy to take with you hiking or camping, or other such activities.
  • It’s easy to travel with and less expensive to ship. This is especially convenient for some businesses, as they could have the powdered alcohol shipped to them easily.
  • It can serve other purposes than being drank (such as the antiseptic use noted above).


    • Palcohol only has five flavors. That is not much variation.
    • It hasn’t been released yet, so who knows if it even tastes good?
    • It’s easier to bring into places that don’t allow alcohol. While this could be a benefit to some people, the companies and institutions that want to keep alcohol out (like schools), would not appreciate it.

Benefits and Side Effects of the main ingredient in Palcohol

The main ingredient in Palcohol is alcohol, of course. In case you weren’t aware of the dangers of alcohol, here are some side effects. Consuming alcohol comes with the risk of impaired judgement, loss of motor skills, blurred speech, and possibly memory loss. But it doesn’t stop there; alcohol also impacts all of the senses and can result in diarrhea, vomiting, and of course hangovers. However, there are some benefits to alcohol. For instance, it’s commonly known as social lubricant. With alcohol, you can experience a loss of inhibitions. Some studies have also shown that moderate consumption of alcohol can help the heart stay healthy and fight off the cold. It is to be noted that these benefits are often linked to wine. Unfortunately, Palcohol does not have a powdered wine.

Bottom Line on Palcohol

Palcohol (Powdered Alcohol)  could really be handy when you’re doing something where you don’t want to lug around a lot of bottles. It can also be used in other industries, which is great. This is why you should by it when you can. Beyond these reasons though…why bother with powdered alcohol? It’s not that it’s more dangerous or will corrupt the youth any more than they’re already corrupted. It’s more about purpose; you can find cheaper liquor in so many more flavors with varying percentages of alcohol and quality and whatnot, in its liquid state. So the bottom line here is, stick with liquid unless you have a real reason to go powdered.

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