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Orbit Key
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About The Orbit Key

Keep your keys stylishly organized without clutter or scratches on your phone screen. Orbitkey stacks your keys in a leather loop allowing for easy access without noisy rattling, tangled key rings or scratches on other items. Orbitkey is also completely customizable so you can clear up pocket or purse space and look good doing it.

Orbitkey is the organized key stack holder that does away with the fumbling and pinching of key rings in favor of a simple design that keeps your keys stacked how you want them. Orbitkey user reviews are posted below to give you a realistic idea of how well this product performs.

Orbit Key Details

  • Website: www.orbitkey.com
  • Measures 8cm in length
  • Fits keys up to 6.5cm in length
  • OrbitKey is the ultimate jogging companion as it stops keys jingling in your pockets
  • Contact No: 617-229-7140
  • Accommodates between 3-7 standard keys or accessories

Decide for yourself if the Orbit Key is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  •  Good compact key holder that also carries my car key remote
  • If anyone wants to make their pocket lighter from carrying a mess of keys AND look COOL doing it….grab yourself a Orbitkey Key Organizer!!
  • Very well made with a quality feel. Perfect assuming you carry no more the 7 or so keys. Cant believe I\’ve put up with my noisy (when riding), uncomfortable (when in the pocket) bunch of keys for all these years!

Negative Experiences

  • I also pledged from germany and just see that the delivery dates are transmitted on april 6th. But i can see no actual status. Or is my orbitkey still in L.A.?
  • Keys don’t fit so I tried the method suggested of putting the keys on the smaller shaft but I end up with two problems. My flash drive and bottle opener now just flail around because they’re the only things on the 5mm shaft. And when I move a key to open a door, it just tightens the screw more and more every time to the point where I can’t even move the keys anymore. It either tightens or loosens the screw and it’s just annoying. Just letting you know that the suggested solutions listed on your site don’t really work. Definitely bummed that I gifted this to someone and got one for myself, but none of our keys fit. I measured the 5mm. I guess it has to be a little bigger than 5mm to really fit. I’m fine filing my keys down to fit the orbitkey shaft, but I hate to ask this of someone who got the orbitkey as a gift.
  • I’m sorry but if you didn’t read the specifications correctly than you have only yourself to blame to be honest. You need to do your homework on campaigns and read everything thoroughly to avoid disappointment. If you keys don’t fit file then or get different ones. There is no deception here only carelessness for not reading the campaign properly.
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