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Optima Tax Relief
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Optima Tax Relief

This company promises to help you come to an agreement on tax relief with the IRS. Optima Tax Relief claims to be a reputable business that can walk you through all of your tax troubles, including audits, reducing tax debt, and wage garnishments and bank levies. They claim that their service is dedicated to helping you resolve your problems quickly and save you money. They also claim to be able to assist in almost any State or IRS tax issue. The typical time they claim to take solving cases is between 2 and 6 months.

About Optima Tax Relief

The business is made of professionals that have experience in this field, including law professionals. OTR is a member of National Association of Tax Professionals as well as Better Business Bureau. They offer a free consultation, after which they will you help you with your case in their 2 phase method. Their first phase is to get in touch with the IRS and review your options. Their second phase involves accomplishing the results they can manage. The founders of this business met at the University of Pennsylvania (Wharton Business School). The Optima Tax Relief site also offers some general tax information regarding various situations which may be helpful to potential clients.

Satisfaction Guarantee

OTR promises a money back guarantee within 15 days. However, this only applies to fees paid for the investigation phase (first phase). Their rates vary from case to case.

Contact Information

You can call Optima Tax Relief at: 800-536-0734 or go on their website at: www.oprtimataxrelief.com

Optima Tax Relief Client Reviews

The majority of reviews have been positive for Optima Tax Relief. Clients have professed their relief that action has been taken with their tax debt and issues, claim that OTR has been very helpful and handled everything, and often recommend OTR. Gratitude for the business as well as satisfaction is portrayed in these positive reviews. While the number of negative and low reviews are much less than the positive ones, they bring up complaints about their experience and the company. Most of these negative reviews are about either their case being denied or having to pay too much for OTR services. For example, a negative review may say that the person owed too much so that person was not offered service.

Is Optima Tax Relief right for you?

With positive feedback, a large team of professionals and their accreditation, this service might be for you. If you need a middle man to help you through the process of communicating and negotiating with the IRS and finding a course of action, this is a company to consider. They offer you your options before you are required to pay and give free consultations, giving you a sense of direction right away. Keep in mind that your case might be denied, as this seems to have happened to people that have given negative reviews. Also, this service does come at a price so you should weigh that with your options.


-Communicates directly to the IRS so you don’t have to.

-Free consultations.

-Information and plan of action that could help you with your tax situations.


-Their service could come with a large price tag.

-Your case might be denied.

-No guarantee that OTR will actually be able to reduce your debt or improve your situation, as that depends on the cooperation of the IRS.

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