OnePlus 2 Phone [REVIEWS]

OnePlus 2 Phone [REVIEWS]

About OnePlus 2 Phone

The world of smart phones is constantly evolving and new technologies are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible. The OnePlus 2 is an innovative smartphone intended to provide an impressive experience without breaking the bank. With an array of features, this smart phone built off the Android platform can compete with products much more expensive.

Quick Details about OnePlus 2 Phone

  • Smartphone built off the Android platform
  • Incorporates features such as a fingerprint sensor, dual SIM, an alert slider, customizable navigation buttons, and numerous camera functions
  • Utilizes a USB Type-C charging system
  • Easily swap out different covers for various looks
  • Available in 16 or 64 GB

OnePlus 2 Phone Pricing & Refund Policy

The OnePlus 2 Phone is considered to be reasonably priced compared to other smart phones in the market. This phone is available in two different options, 16 GB and 64 GB. The 64 GB version costs $389 to purchase, while the 16 GB version costs $329. The company has not yet stated their refund and warranty policy concerning the OnePlus 2.

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What Do Other Consumers Have to Say about OnePlus 2 Phone?

Overall, consumer reviews of the OnePlus 2 phone have been generally positive. Most people seem to agree that this smart phone packs an impressive punch for the money. However, customers were very disappointed with the lack of NFC which prevents the phone from being paired with Bluetooth devices. Another complaint is that the display is less than impressive. However, despite these complaints the phone still has received many positive reviews.

Pros and Cons


  • Innovative and useful features such as customizable navigation buttons, an alert slider, dual SIM, fingerprint sensor, and numerous camera functions
  • Available in 16 or 64 GB
  • Different covers can be swapped out easily to create different looks
  • Built off of Android platform and utilizes the OxygenOS operating system
  • Reasonable price compared to other smart phones in comparable markets


  • Can only be purchased using an invite
  • Lacks NFC, therefore this phone can’t be paired with Bluetooth devices
  • Display is less than impressive
  • Uses a USB Type-C charging cable which can be difficult to find

What’s the Bottom line? Should you buy the OnePlus 2 Phone?

Before considering a purchase of the OnePlus 2 phone I would recommend considering a few points. If you have many Bluetooth devices that you pair with your current smart phone than I would not recommend buying the OnePlus 2 phone. Also you should check to make sure that the phone will be able to use 4G with your provider. For example, in the U.S. 4G can only be used through AT&T and Sprint with this smartphone. If after reviewing this phones specifications you find that it fits your needs than I would recommend this phone due to it’s reasonable price and impressive design features.

OnePlus 2 Phone Contact Info.

– Website:

– Phone: 646-851-2228

– Facebook:

– Twitter:

– Instagram:

– Pinterest:

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