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About NuWave Oven (w/extended ring) – As Seen on TV

Are you too busy to cook dinner for your family, and only have a limited amount of time? Well time will always be on your hands if you get theNuWave Oven! This will change the way you make meals and help you prepare a meal in half the time. Its easy to use, and makes cooking simple every time you use it! You have the ability to change, and adjust the controls to your liking, and makes cooking less of a hassle. This multifunctional product won’t crowd you kitchen, the NuWave Oven is like having a complete kitchen all-in-one! It can roast, grill, bake, stream, and many more, depending on what your making!

This small, compact product prepares food faster than a microwave, but also cooks your meals completely. This is great quality product that works really well and can save you hours in the kitchen. Great for all households, holidays, gatherings, or birthdays, its ideal for anyone that wants better tasting, and healthier meals for themselves and their families. Try the NuWave Oven today, and taste the difference!

NuWave Oven Details and Pricing

  • Guarantee: 90-Day money back guarantee
  • Weight: 9 lbs
  • Phone: 1-800-809-4035
  • Product Type: Convection Oven
  • Price: $119.85 plus $29.95 S&P (NuWave Oven)$34.95 plus $12.95 S&P (Extended Ring kit)
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Product Dimensions: 5″ H x 15.5″ W x 13.5″ D
  • Timer: Yes up to 10 minutes
  • Website:

Decide for yourself if the NuWave Oven (w/extended ring) is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • This was the best purchase I made. I use this all the time. Cooks super fast and perfectly. I even cooked a small turkey to see how well it would work. It was absolutely perfect. The turkey looked like it came right out of the oven. Steaks cook perfectly medium rare. Love it! I highly recommend this product.
  • I purchase last month and just started using the NuWave and LUV it. Do not use my oven now and cook evenly and less time and much healthier as well.. Even with the leftover the next day meat is juicy and tender as if I had just cooked the meat. Just follow the instruction guide that comes with the NuWave Oven.
  • I love this little oven. It is a time saver. We never know what we are going to have and now it doesn’t matter we just put our frozen food in, and in no time it is done. You won’t regret buying this oven.

 Negative Experiences

  • This is an excellent oven but do not buy it. They have a problem with cracking domes that the manufacturer knows about but refuses to fix. If you report it in time (warranty) they charge you $10 to ship a new one but from there on you pay for everything. Cracks start showing up in as little as 3-4 uses and will need replacement in as little as 10-15 uses.
  • Meat and vegetables end up rubbery and un-cooked looking. This is not cooking in the conventional sense. Meats do not brown. The end result is unappetizing. It also takes much longer than the manual says.
  • I bought two of these ovens and after around 4 uses the plastic dome started to crack with the heat. After approximately 50 hours of use the both domes cracked in many places and became separated and could not be used again. It works well but the dome when cracked renders it useless. I contacted customer service who offered not to replace but sell me a dome at a cost of 60 dollars. What a scam.
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