nPower Peg Kinetic Energy Generator As Seen on Shark Tank Reviews

nPowerPeg Kinetic Energy Generator
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About nPower Peg Kinetic Energy Generator

nPower PEG is a kinetic charger that takes advantage of the everyday oscillatory motion that humans expend. It has a simple design that is earth friendly and convenient to use. nPower PEG is the newest mobile power generator storage device for personal use and will always keep your electronic devices charged. The practical applications are obvious, for example, you can just attach the nPower PEG to your backpack while hiking and it will use the motion from the pack and your walking to charge its generator, and thus to charge either your tablet or mobile phone.

You may recognize this pocket sized power generator as a featured product from the popular TV show SharkTank and therefore have knowledge to access their reviews of the nPower PEG. This small generator is a very unique product that has many practical applications, and you would be wise to read some additional reviews to fully understand if this is the right kinetic charger for you. One thing is an absolute however, the nPower PEG is an earth friendly method to create sustaining electricity.

nPower Peg  Pricing/Details

  • Price: $150.00 – $200.00
  • Website:
  • Cables:USB to mini USB, USB to iGo, & interchangable iGo adapter tips
  • Ports:USB 2.0 Standard
  • Energy Storage: 2000 mAh lithium ion polymer battery
  • Voltage: 5V DC, 500mA output
  • Input: Hybrid; via kinetic energy plus via USB
  • Power generation: Up to 4 Watts

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Positive Experiences

  • I’ve just tested a device made for moments like these: Tremont Electric’snPower PEG backup charger. It purports to capture the energy your body gives off just by just walking or cycling, funneling volts into your dead cellphone battery, and bringing the device back to life or extending talk-time into the great beyond.


  • I’ve enjoyed the nPower PEG for more than 2 years: reliable back up power at work conferences, car trips, and bike rides. Like other reviewers, I find a key step is to charge it fully first via USB cable, then use hiking/running/walking to increase/maintain the charge. It’s an excellent feeling to know my own kinetic motion is harnessed to create power. Smart and green!


  • this powers my phone while i jog and listen to music when my phone was complete no charge. kept it on and fully charged it i have one suggestion for seller can you through in a flashlight that is powered by the device or advertisement for said device in box.

Negative Experiences

  • It really looks like a good solution on long hikes. But, it is heavy. I don’t use many battery devices on a long hike because I cannot get the special batteries needed for the small Impulse, e+lights I use. The Steripen also requires a pair of lithium batteries. I don’t carry a phone, generally because there is little phone service in the ADK’s.


  • I was excited about this product. I charged it at home off my computers USB port and charged my MotoACTV fitness watch – which worked fine. However, I wanted to do a real world test of the charging potential for the kinetic charging, so without charging the PEG after, I put it in my backpack and went out on an 8 mile test hike. The nPower Peg didn’t charge at all. Not even enough to charge my MotoACTV fitness watch from its 40%.


  • Old worthless technology. Worse than solar lol. Overpriced, and only 20% phone increase. Just get a hand crank. Owner trying to pump and dump.
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