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notehall as seen on shark tank
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About Notehall -As Seen on Shark Tank

Notehall is an online service that allows students to buy and sell college notes and study guides. Profits are split 50/50 between Notehall and the student, allowing students to earn back some of the money invested in higher education. The Not, anehall concept is simply get paid for taking classes.

Notehall was originally featured on the TV show SharkTank, where investors deemed it a worthy investment. To read how well Notehall helps students read some of the Notehall user reviews posted below.

Pricing and Details

  • Price: $14.95 / a month
  • Buy and Sell lecture notes, class documents, class notes and study guides
  • App Available on iPhone, iPad, & Android devices
  • Earn some cash,
  • Do better on exams,
  • Website:
  • Spend a little less time preparing for tests.

Decide for yourself if the Notehall is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • I’ve used Notehall many times and it really helps. Even when selling study guides, I’m making money AND helping my grade by getting to know the material so well
  • I used notehall for the first time this semester and I think I did better in my class because of it. I got sick half way through the semester and I was able to catch up with the class everyday by viewing the notes on the website. It sure took the stress away of trying to catch up all at once.
  • Notehall is great! I have used it so many times and the notes that are posted are really helpful because they can be rated by other people, so you know if what you are buying is legit.

Negative Experiences

  • In a strange way, this will almost work towards putting teachers out of business. Normally they teach the same thing over and over, year after year. All we need now is for someone to start videoing them and then we can eliminate teachers altogether!!! Oh, and transfer their brains into robot bodies. That should do the trick.
  • Not satisfying,Making commission was next to impossible with all the different book buyback websites that were offering better prices than Notehall for books.
  • I am reviewing this website as someone that used it. I bought the lecture notes and I couldn’t copy/paste them into word, or even open them in a word document from the website. Every time I tried to print the notes out from it, it would bring up my printer option and then immediately say there was nothing to print. the interface was just poor, I tried to leave a comment on someone’s study guide and it placed text from the website over my text bar so I couldn’t even write a review of the material for other people. I did walk into this skeptical so maybe that is why this website wound up being a pain in my butt. I definitely won’t be using it again.
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