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Next Issue Magazines
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About the Next Issue Magazines

When Netflix came out on the scene it was a huge innovation in the way we rent and watch movies and TV shows. In a similar fashion, Next Issue provides the ability to access over 140 magazines on your tablet or smart phone. For people who enjoy magazines, the Next Issue App could revolutionize the way you read them forever.

Quick Details About the Next Issue Magazines App

  • Provides access to over 140 different magazines
  • Magazines available are exactly the same as the print versions
  • Content is downloadable so that you can read without a Wi-Fi connection
  • App is compatible with many popular tablets and smartphones

 Next Issue Magazines Pricing & Refund Policy

Using the Next Issue Magazines App for the first 30 days is completely free. This is great for getting to know the service and what it has to offer. After the initial 30 days there are two different membership plans available:

  • Basic $9.99/month
  • Premium $14.99/month

There is only one difference between the Basic and Premium membership options. The Premium membership allows you to access weekly magazines in addition to monthly magazines. With just the Basic membership you only have access to 127 of the 140 magazines. Some of the weekly magazines offered include ‘People’, ‘Time’, and ‘The New Yorker’. If at any point you are dissatisfied with Next Issue you can cancel your subscription. You will still be able to view magazines until the billing cycle ends.

You can find it on >HERE<

What Do Other Consumers Have to Say about the Next Issue Magazines ?

Most magazine enthusiasts seem to agree that the Next Issue Magazines App is extremely convenient. People often mention the lack of cluttered magazines lying around their house. Another good point is that all of the magazines you read are at your fingertips at any time. However, some consumers have complained that the app hasn’t worked out all of it’s bugs yet and therefore doesn’t always run as smoothly as desired. Another complaint is that the app is not available for Apple laptops. Hopefully, this is corrected very soon.

Whats the Bottom line? Should you get the Next Issue Magazines App?

I would suggest trying out the 30 day free subscription to Next Issue Magazines before you sign up for a membership. If you are the kind of person who has multiple magazine subscriptions, this app could possibly save you some money. However, if you are only interested in one or two different magazines, than it may be cheaper to purchase the print copies. I think that the convenience offered by the Next Issue app is considerable and I believe that Next Issue Magazines App will become increasingly popular as consumers hear about what this app can offer.

 Next Issue Magazines Pros and Cons:


  • Provides access to over 140 popular magazines
  • Conveniently browse your favorite magazines at the tip of your finger
  • No more clutter from stacks of printed magazines lying around the house


  • App still has bugs that need to be worked out before it works entirely smoothly
  • Not compatible with all devices such as Apple laptops
  • Doesn’t cut magazine costs unless you have many magazine subscriptions
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