Neo Mag Light Home Tattoo Removal As Seen on Shark Tank Reviews

Neo Mag Tatoo Removal DIY
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About Neo Mag Light Home Tattoo Removal

Neo Mag Light is a natural way to remove tattoos using a light removal process that can be done in the convenience of your own home. This process works by bringing the altered tattoo ink particles to the attention of the immune system and letting the white blood cells fade out the tattoo. You may recognize this as a featured product from the popular TV show Shark Tank. Neo Mag Light works on most, but not all tattoo inks when applied correctly.

Getting an unwanted tattoo removed costs thousands of dollars and typically requires going to a specialized clinic. Neo Mag Light is a fraction of the cost and can be done safely and quickly at home. When investing in any tattoo remover, one should carefully read up on the product. In this case, the Shark Tank reviews would be an excellent start. I hope you have found this helpful and enlightening for a better comprehension of the Neo Mag Light tattoo remover.

Neo Mag Pricing/Details

Decide for yourself if the Neo Mag Light Home Tattoo Removal is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • I start using the black magic laser tattoo removal last June at first I didn’t see any changes but 3 months into it that when I started to see some fading on my tattoo and now I can almost see my skin color is half way gone this is a very good product it will take a lot of time to get it completely removed I would say by another 5 months my tattoo will be gone for good thanks to the person who made this big props to you.


  • Yes it does work I had a home-made tattoo its broke down the tattoo and faded it enough for a proper tattoo artist to cover it I don’t doubt that if I carry on using it that it will fade it a lot more possibly completely away. It blisters like laser treatment although nowhere near as severe and up to 90% of the color is gone. With professional tattoo’s I see lightening of the black after 1 treatment


  • It’s working great for me! Purchased one on Amazon a couple of weeks ago (couldn’t find it on Ebay) and it’s awesome! Not hard to use at all. Big props to the guy who invented this.

Negative Experiences

  • This did nothing to my tattoo at all and I tried on several different occasions. I tried it on two different tattooed spots, both of which were black and no fading even occurred. Unfortunately, I am too ADD to have remembered to send it back to get a refund and the time has elapsed. Don’t waste your time and money.


  • This device doesn’t nothing except shine a light!!! You can get the same results with a flashlite as all you feel is your back getting warm and that’s it. Has the tatoo gone away at all? Nope. Not in the least. Still waiting for the money back guarantee refund (it’s been a while) and I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll see it anytime soon. Looking at how this device works, I’m not sure that it would ever remove a tatoo?


  • Hate to say it but this does not work. I had very high hopes for it but unfortunately it does not work for me. The bulb starts fading after I turn it on so I cannot even use it. I contacted the person for the other bulb hoping that would be better but it never came.


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