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About Natural Grip – As Seen on Shark Tank

Do you work out a lot, and are tired of hard, aching hands? If so, than you need to try Natural Grip. Ideal for using them when you workout, or any other activities that involve needing a tight grip, these comfortable, breathable, grips are prefect for you and your hands. Stop being in pain after a workout, and prevent tore skin, by using the Natural Grips. The Natural Grips have the ability to change your work performance, with every use, and make you feel confident! They can last up to three to six months, depending on how often your wear them, and are very effective. With this product you can’t be happier, because it will give you results you want to see in just a few uses!

Recommended for people that are in the gym a lot, or people that may be training for something, or have do anything from gymnastics to weight training, Natural Grips are for you! They make working out easier on your hands and give you a better grip overall. Designed to fit your specific hang size, you can never go wrong! Latex adhesive-free, and made from 100% Zinc Oxide, this product brings less pain, and more passion to you!

Natural Grip Pricing  and Details

Varieties (Grips) Price
The Natural Grip- Customizable $22
The Natural Grip- Color $18
The Natural Grip- Classic $17
The Natural Grip- Shark Blue Combo $28
  • Warranty: 3 to 6 month
  • Originator: Ashley Drake
  • Website:

Decide for yourself if the Natural Grip is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences 

  • These grips do the job nicely. I have not experienced any tears or cuts while wearing them. They have held up thus far (month and a half in) and they aren’t showing any signs of ripping, tearing or bunching as other reviews indicate. The finger holes have stretched a bit but I have yet to find any grips in which they don’t and just be sure to get the correct size via the chart provided (by ring size) so the stretching does not become an issue.
  • These grips have changed my work performance so very much. They fit my hand exactly right so there is coverage exactly where I need it every time I use them daily basis. I have been using Natural Grips for some time now and one pair I ordered did not hold up very well. I contacted the company and they instantly provided me a replacement pair as they had a small batch that was not up to the normal standards, they knew it and made it right. I have had zero problems since then.
  • I have been using Natural Grips for close to a year and couldn’t be happier. I do pull-ups and bar muscle-ups twice a week (once being high volume) and they will typically last 2-3 month without any issues. No other grip can match the versatility, I can easily transition from the pull-up bar or rings to the barbell without the bulk that other grips come with. I recommend getting the right ring size to avoid them pulling and bunching.

Negative Experiences

  • I bought these about a month ago hoping that they would solve my problem with hand rips and tears. The first time I wore them my hands ripped. It was really disappointing for me. I ripped both my calluses and my palms regardless.
  • I was really excited about the reviews of the natural grips, especially for use of high volume gymnastics. However, after one use they bunched up drastically. You are basically paying for the convenience of not having to make them yourself.
  • I bought these solely for high rep pull-ups. I used them the first time yesterday, after a few rounds I was a believer, then after 10 rounds, the adhesive had given up they were not completely bunched up at the crease between my fingers and my hand. At that point, I had to take them off. I did my best to stretch them out and flatten them, I’m not sure they survived 50 pull-ups. I do not recommend using this product.
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