“Nacho Kitty” Vintage Online Store [REVIEWS]

“Nacho Kitty” Vintage Online Store
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About “Nacho Kitty” Vintage Online Store

 “Nacho Kitty” is an Etsy store that searches and curates the finest vintage clothing, accessories, trinkets and more in mint condition and sells them throughout the country, coast to coast. The company has 20 years of experience with liquidating and appraising estates. “Nacho Kitty” guarantees a unique vintage style that can’t be found elsewhere. Whether you appreciate the history behind the items, are looking for a vintage look, or getting props and costumes, “Nacho Kitty” finds the best preserved antiques and delivers them nationwide.

“Nacho Kitty” Features and Benefits

 Vintage and rare treasures available in one convenient online store. A vast array of products are available for decorating every part of your house and wardrobe. Historians and antique/vintage lovers will adore this shop.

“Nacho Kitty” Vintage Online Store Pricing

 Most items will have an upscale price-tag due to the scarcity of vintage items and the growing demand for them. These items may be second-hand, but don’t expect anything close to thrift store prices on this shop.

Does “NachoKitty” Deliver Quality Vintage Goods?

“Nacho Kitty” is in very high standing on Etsy.com, having attained 5 out of 5 stars based on 945 reviews and having over 2,000 sales. The general consensus among reviewers were items were delivered quickly, packed with care, and always matched the descriptions and pictures posted.

“Nacho Kitty” Vintage Online Store PROS and CONS:


  • Quality vintage goods you won’t find anywhere else
  • Ships quickly and delivers as promised


  • Vintage goods come at a high price

Bottom Line: Should You Buy From “Nacho Kitty”?

 If you’re a fan of vintage or historical goods, this is the perfect shop for you. If you enjoy vintage trinkets but have a tight budget, well, you can still enjoy browsing their vast catalogue. These items won’t come cheap, but they won’t fall short of expectations either, and many will lend themselves as great conversation pieces. If you choose to buy from “Nacho Kitty”, you’ll have a quality experience, and 945 reviews will back this claim up.

“Nacho Kitty” Vintage Online Store Contact Info:

  • Etsy.com Store:  www.etsy.com/shop/Nachokitty#
  • Home Website: www.barnowlvintage.com
  • Phone: 530-320-4782
  • Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/barnowlvintage
  • Twitter: www.twitter.com/barnowlvintage
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/barnowlauctions
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2 Reviews

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