MultiFab – 3D Printer [REVIEWS]

MultiFab – 3D Printer [REVIEWS]

About MultiFab – 3D Printer

The MultiFab – 3D Printer is invented by a group of students and researchers of MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). This invention has brought a whole new approach to 3D printing because it will enable low-cost, multi-material, and multi-process digital fabrication. Typically, this product is based on computer vision. In addition, the product is made of low-cost and off-the-shelf components and this is why it took them only $7000 to produce the first prototype of this product. Now, the MultiFab – 3D Printer has a wide range of usability that ranges from diverse applications to consumer electronics, micro-sensing, medical imaging to telecommunications. What’s more, the team behind this unique innovation is planning to conduct experimental projects like embedding with motors and actuators. So, the chances are that it might turn out to be an advanced 3D technology electronic device.

Quick Details about MultiFab – 3D Printer

  • The MultiFab – 3D Printer is a self-calibrated and self-corrected printer.
  • It has 3D scanning options, print corrections feature, and 3d printing over auxiliary parts.
  • The unit is capable of working with 10 to 15 different materials.
  • It can also work with the single-process fabrication of microlens arrays, printed textures, fiber optic bundles, complex meta-materials, multi-color objects, LED lenses, etc.

Pricing & Refund Policy of MultiFab – 3D Printer

The MultiFab – 3D Printer has not yet been launched commercially, but the team behind this product has made a prototype. Now, this prototype has cost around $7,000 and the team is planning to launch the product for a retail price under $20,000. Since the product is not yet launched officially, we couldn’t find any refund information.

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What Do Other Consumers Have to Say About MultiFab – 3D Printer?

As stated earlier that the MultiFab – 3D Printer is on the production process, so it is possible to measure the consumer’s perception about this product. However, one of the research engineers Javier Ramos at CSAIL has said the following about the product –

“Opens up new possibilities for manufacturing, giving researchers and hobbyists alike the power to create objects that have previously been difficult or even impossible to print.”

Pros and Cons of MultiFab – 3D Printer


  • The MultiFab – 3D Printing combines 3D optical scanning that will enable you to use 10 different materials simultaneously.
  • It can directly print a case around a Smartphone and it is also capable of embedding circuits and sensors into printed objects, which will allow you to work with complex objects.
  • The product is a self-calibrating and self-correcting device. So, you will able to do print job seamlessly.
  • The integrated machine vision system will automatically readjust the printer headers for errors. It will increase the efficiency level of your work.
  • The MultiFab will bring accuracy and convenience to the printing job, which are very important for printing jobs.


  • Right now, the MultiFab – 3D Printer has no cons as it is in the production process.

What’s the Bottom line? Should you get MultiFab – 3D Printer?

After analyzing all the facts, we are suggesting you to try the MultiFab – 3D Printer because it will be a product worth buying. With that said, this is a unique product that is suitable for designers and manufacturers. The reason is the product is fundamental in producing different items like – phone cases and LED lenses. However, it will be more than these because with this product, you can produce more complex items like – printable fabrics, consumer electronics, medical imaging systems, etc. So, buy MultiFab – 3D Printer and revolutionize your work!

Basic Contact details of MultiFab – 3D Printer


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