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Sending allows you to see new movies in theatres for one low monthly fee. All you do is sign up, pick a theatre, movie and show time, and MoviePass automatically loads the exact amount needed onto your MoviePass debit is an independent service that has partnered with Discover card to create the MoviePass debit card. Currently, MoviePass members can see one traditional 2D movie once every 24 hours (enhanced, 3D and IMAX movies are not supported).

MoviePass is the perfect fit for any avid film lover but they need to raise the standards for their customer service. To find out how well really works, scroll below to see what people say about and read independent user reviews of it. Pricing and Details

  • Contact No: 877-646-2892
  • Website:
  • MoviePass is accepted at over 93% of theaters nationwide.
  • You sign up for a monthly subscription
  • If you just want to try it out for a single month, it will cost you about $50; 3 months will cost about $40 a month; signing up for a year will lower the price to about a dollar a day, or $30 a month.
  • No repeat viewings were allowed
  • Price varies depending on where you live

Decide for yourself if the is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • I was satisfied with the number of theaters participating in MoviePass. I was always able to find a theater showing the films I wanted to see, and to see films at the theaters I prefer. I am sure this will vary from place to place.
  • I signed up for Moviepass, and so did my wife. A little background – 31 years old – own a tech company (set my own time schedule) – one child, 4 years old.We have not completed a month yet and so far it’s been incredible.
  • I had trouble using it initiall. However, I have been using it for 3weeks now with no problem. I open the app, select the theater, movie, then present the card to teller and off I go to see my show. I have astubs card for AMC theaters. So I go to afternoon or evening movies which cost more because I stii earn stubs point toward rewards. Be sure to put the phone number you use to activate your card in your phone for help since the phone number on the back of the card is for more financial service like a regular credit card not to help u get into the movie.

Negative Experiences

  •  I strongly DO NOT RECOMMEND a MoviePASS ‘subscription.’ There is nothing ‘unlimited’ about this service. The 24-hour rule effectively prevents someone seeing movies 2 days in a row. It doesn’t allow the same movie to be seen twice. Worst of all: This is called a ‘monthly subscription’ but it actually locks the subscriber in to a WHOLE YEAR. Even at $30/month that is a lot of money.
  • MoviePass Insults and screws its customers we too are horribly offended given the deceitful way they went about this breach of contract. They will lose two customers tomorrow
  • My worry is that if everyone waits till the last day they won’t realize how seriously they have hurt their customers. I fear that only if a critical mass of their cliental leave them will they realize they made a mistake and that they need to do something about it.
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