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Mojio Car Device
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Mojio Car Device

The Mojio car device is a device you install in your car to get information about your driving habits, nearest gas stations, traffic, and more. The device links to apps for this information, making it possible to send texts without actually texting, let people know how far away you are, and even know what’s going on with your car, or so Mojio claims. With the device and various apps you can keep track of the time, distance, and cost of your driving as well. The device sends all of its data to your phone in what Mojio calls “plain English.” The device is compatible with a long list of makes and models of cars, and you can check if your car is compatible on the Mojio site. Currently the app is only available for iOS.

About Mojio Car Device

Mojio is concerned with connecting people to their cars, offering the information a driver needs when the driver needs it. Mojio has attempted to build a platform and device and that is user friendly, useful, and fun. One of their priorities is openness; their device is meant to work with apps that they themselves have not created. They welcome developers to develop with them. Mojio offers a stimulator online in which you can experience what it would be like to use their device/app system before you purchase.

Reviews on Mojio Car Device

Customer reviews are a little mixed so far. People seem to like the concept, and even like Mojio. But the common word tends to be that it just isn’t ready yet. Some say that that it doesn’t give them information that they really want. For example, people seem to want Mojio to be better developed in its diagnostic capabilities and simply to have improved software. It’s notable to mention a New York Times article that reviewed Mojio and one of its competitors. Author Molly Wood said that it has potential, but the system is not simple enough or worth the cost. She recommended Automatic over Mojio.

What’s the price tag on Mojio Car Device?

The first year of service for use in the U.S, including the device and app as well as Canada roaming, is $149 after which it costs about $5 per month. For use in Canada, with U.S. roaming, it’s $139 (or $169 CAD) for the first year.

You can find it on >HERE<

Contact Information

You can contact Mojio by calling 1-855-55-MOJIO or visiting and sending them a message through their online form.

Bottom Line on Mojio Car Device

While this product could be a good addition to your life, the common word is that this product is not yet worth your time. The concept is great, but the software needs some improvement before it is really beneficial, especially to the every-day person. The idea of being able to know what is going on with your car, if it’s being moved, or where you can find parking, is fantastic. That’d be quite useful. And when Mojio is finally able to give us a device that is able to do all of that well, then their product will be worth the purchase.


  • The system has an open platform and is compatible with many cars.
  • There are multiple features such as diagnostics, messaging, parking information, tells you if your car is being towed or moved, etc. While there are many free apps that are capable of doing the same as this system, at least with Mojio you have it all in one accessible place.
  • First year of service is free.


  • Some customers believe the software must be further improved.
  • The app will soon be available for Android, but is still not available for any other phone such as BlackBerry.
  • May not be worthwhile if none of its capabilities is necessary for your lifestyle or if having apps with similar features is more affordable/convenient for you.
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