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Sending (Mobile Therapy App) (Mobile Therapy App) is a platform for psychologists and other clinicians, as well as their clients, to monitor progress. Through an app, a client can enter answers to question predesigned for them, enter data, or allow for activity level to be tracked passively. The information is then sent to the clinician so that daily struggles and trends can be reviewed. The app is personalized for every client and the reports gathered on moods, activity, and behavior can be discussed in sessions and used to determine a course of treatment. Mobile Therapy is a way for people to monitor themselves and communicate with their clinician, with the potential to aid in treatment and progress.

About (Mobile Therapy App)

Mobile Therapy App is created with the intent to make recovery more effective and efficient for patients with anxiety, depression, PTSD, eating disorders, or other mental disorders and psychological conditions. The app sends survey questions to the client to track progress. Mobile Therapy claims that their app is user friendly, is backed up experts in psychology, and has been used by the U.S. Veterans Administration and Harvard Medical School.

Mobile Therapy App Price

Mobile Therapy App costs $50 per clinician per month. There is no limit on the number of clients added.

Contact Information

You can contact Mobile Therapy by calling 855-550-ECHO or by visiting and filling out their online form to send a message.

Customer Reviews of Mobile Therapy App

Health providers so far have been very interested in Mobile Therapy, with many believing that an app such as this could really make a difference in treating their patients. Testimonials from both clients and clinicians have been very positive, claiming that the app has made therapy sessions more productive and aided in progress, as well as offering more information about the patient. Some negative feedback comes from those that are hesitant or disliking of this app, with people concerned that Mobile Therapy was created by engineers but not health care providers. So people are also asking for a clinician’s perspective in the design.

Bottom Line on Mobile Therapy App

When it comes to the struggles of mental health, it is always worth it to explore many options and types of treatment and therapy. Sure, Mobile Therapy could prove to be a waste of time, and money on the part of the clinician. However, this is just another option that could potentially enhance treatment and help your progress. The bottom line is, you should give Mobile Therapy a shot. Why not, if it make a difference, small or large?

Benefits of (Mobile Therapy App)

While tracking daily moods, behaviors, and other such information with Mobile Therapy, it’s possible for both a patient and their clinician to become more aware of trends and struggles with progress and treatment. Filling the surveys in the app could help a patient to be active in their recovery because it can increase awareness of moods and behaviors and create stronger communication with their clinician. The data from the app can be assessed to determine possible topics that need to be addressed in future sessions and to really see how a patient is coming along.

Main Drawbacks of Mobile Therapy App

While this app has many potential benefits, it also has potential drawbacks. Not every patient would be open to the constant updating and participation in these surveys, or it could be impractical for them. Consider a patient with a very busy schedule; would they be able to keep up with the app? A patient also might not welcome a digital intrusion in their life, as not everyone is highly connected with their phone. In addition, the app is only available for Android and iPhone. Patients without either of those would be unable to use it.

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