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Mission Belt
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About Mission Belt – As Seen on Shark Tank

The Mission Belt is a stylish new accessory that’s far more convenient than traditional belts. That’s because Mission Belts don’t have holes- instead, you can adjust them at ¼” increments. Not only does this mean more accurate sizing options, but also does away with worn, splitting belt holes and the unsavory wrinkled leather that comes with them. And you won’t be sacrificing fashion for functionality- the Mission Belt has a sleek, modern leather design and comes in a variety of colors for both the belt and removable buckle for endless customizing options.

Mission Belt was successfully launched by an entrepreneur on the TV show “Shark Tank.” At Revyolo.com, consumer confidence is one of our highest priorities. We believe in the functionality and reliability of the Mission Belt, and you can see for yourself how well it works by reading some of the customer reviews posted below. We’re sure that you will love the Mission Belt and it will prove itself more durable and functional than any other.


Product details

Size/Collection Belt Color/Name Price
Solids – Classic 35mm Vader/Ferrari/Battleship/Alpine/Chocolate/Yank $34.95
Solids – Wide 40mm Admiral/Alpine/Bolt/Froghair/Fugitive/Pink/Praetorian/Rooster/Vader 40 $39.95
Metal Collection Bronze/Gold/Iron/Steel $39.95
3 Bar Collection Black magic/Money/Americano/Great white/panther/Rasta/Charlie $39.95
Good as gold Twentyfour/Lux/Crimson/Reb/Ron $34.95
Alloys Alloy/Blanc/Cadet/Cocoa/Cranberry/Wolf/Ron $34.95
Mission kids Kid Captain/Kid spidey/Kid storm/Kid swiss/Kid trooper/Kid Vader/Super kid $26.99
NBA All major NBA team $54.95
NCCA All major NCCA team $54.95
NHL All major NHL team $54.95
Website: www.missionbelt.com
Phone: (949) 891-BELT (2358)

Decide for yourself if the Mission Belt is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • Fantastic belts – I own 2.  Perfect for a guy like me that goes up and down in weight by a couple of pounds each week.   EVEN BETTER customer service response. Had a minor issue 7 months after bought a belt, got replacement part within 3 days, no charge and an easy fix. Only belt I’ll own ever again.
  • This belt is great, love the look of it and the way it works, I will definitely buy another one at least. Customer service with this company was exceptional. In one word BRILLIANT. Quick tip: if you are unsure on size buy it larger as you can unclip it from the buckle and cut it down as needed. You can therefore mix and match belts and buckles if you want.
  • I’ve always been frustrated with belt holes getting stretched out after wearing the belt in the same position for a year or so. Problem solved with this genius belt.

Negative Experiences

  • Only wore it 4 times before the damn thing broke. Really disappointed in the product and wish I have haven’t purchased such a poor made item especially since I paid more for it than other belts.
  • I got stuck in the belt for 10 minutes and could not get it undone. Tried several more times and had problems each time. The 1st time I put it on i made it a little too tight and that’s when it took me 10 minutes to remove. The other times I put it on loose and it still took several tries to remove the belt. I think the release lever is too small and does not move the item that catches the grooves far enough away to make it easy to get off.



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