Minden Anytime Grill Deluxe (As Seen on TV) [REVIEWS]

Minden Anytime Grill Deluxe (As Seen on TV)
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About Minden Anytime Grill Deluxe  (As Seen on TV)

The Minden Anytime Grill Deluxe is an outdoor cooking utility that brings outdoor cooking to your home. The product is designed for using on top of a gas or electric stove. It is equipped with porcelain-coated steel grill plate that can make wonderful barbeque. On top of that, the product is an innovative one that is capable of clearing the mess after cooking. Also, it comprised of of a 12-inch grill plate and all-in-one cooking plate along with a grilling tips booklet. In addition, the body of the unit is made of enameled steel and it is a dishwasher safe product.

Quick Details about Minden Anytime Grill Deluxe

  • Minden Anytime Grill Deluxe is an actual grill unit, not a griddle.
  • You have to use it with gas or electric stovetops.
  • It will collect the leftover after cooking and leaves cook top splatter-free.
  • It will preheat in within a few minutes and it is a Dishwasher safe product.
  • The body of the unit is made of heavy-duty enameled steel.

Pricing and Return Policy of Minden Anytime Grill Deluxe

The price of the Minden Anytime Grill Deluxe (As Seen on TV) is $49.99. The company ‘Minden’ has a return policy, which states that a customer will get a replacement of the product or get a refund for the purchase amount. However, he or she has to apply within 30 days of delivery date and must meet the eligibility criteria for a refund or replacement.

What do other customers have to say about?

The Minden Anytime Grill Deluxe is an above average product with a rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars at Amazon.com. This product has received both positive and negative reviews from its users. Following comments are the most negative comments from the customers –

  • It doesn’t work as it is described in the TVC.
  • It was unable to heat on an electric stove.

However, here are some of the positive comments from the customers –

  • One customer branded this product as the ‘Best’ grilling unit.
  • It cleans the mess properly.


  • With the Minden Anytime Grill Deluxe, you can quickly make dessert on the grill.
  • You can cook your meal within 30 minutes.
  • This unit will provide you indoor grilling and cooking as it is used on top of a gas or electric burner.
  • It has an open bottom design, which is able to capture the heat from the burner and it will then direct it to the grill gate. After that, the inventive heat shield system will prevent and direct the mess.
  • The product’s body is made of enamel coating, which permits cooking in high temperature.
  • There is a vented lid, which channels away the grill smoke.


  • The unit has a problem with smoke as it can’t handle the smoke properly.
  • You have to use it sporadically to get the best performance.

Bottom Line – Should you buy it?

We suggest you to buy the Minden Anytime Grill Deluxe because we believe that this product is capable of producing high-quality performances. Despite some criticism, the customers provide positive reviews about this unit. Also, the plus point of this product is that you don’t need to worry about any electronic malfunctions because the heating source is your range. So, we recommend you to buy the unit and enjoy outdoor cooking at home!

You can find it on Amazon.com >HERE<

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