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Mike Ferry Organization Seminars
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About Mike Ferry Organization Seminars

The Mike Ferry Organization claims to be “The Leader in Real Estate Agent Coaching and Training,” providing coaching to real estate professionals to become more profitable, productive, and have a better lifestyle. The organization also gives back to nonprofits such as The Nevada Childhood Cancer Fund and Safe Nest, a domestic violence shelter.

Features and Benefits

Mike Ferry offers several coaching programs and additional resources on his website that teach realtors how to use his techniques to increase their potential and success.


There are 3 main coaching programs:
Premier Coaching for $1000 a month for a 12-month commitment that promises you’ll “receive the intensive guidance and unlimited training opportunities” to become a better realtor.

One on One coaching costs $650 per month for a year-long commitment and pairs you with a real estate professional

Mornings With Mike is a daily 30-minute  morning call from Mike covering “essential steps” to increasing your productivity for $250 a month for 6 months.

Does This Program Work?

Reviews for Mike’s program are very mixed and polarized. His organization has ⅗ stars on Yelp! out of 14 reviews. Proponents said that if you stick with the coaching you’ll get results, while detractors call his program a scam and claim he comes after people who don’t complete the training “fast and hard.” Reviews on Consumer Affairs were primarily negative and stated that the program was a scam, costing far more than it returned.



Learn Real-Estate strategies from an established professional


Some testimonials say it’s a scam

Bottom Line: Should You Use Mike Ferry Seminars?

Mike Ferry has several free downloads listed on his website (http://www.mikeferry.com/main/content/complimentary)  and I would reccomend listening to them before purchasing any programs to see if his coaching style works with your learning style. Any program like this carries the risk of being a scam, and the mixed reviews don’t offer much clarity, so ultimately you’ll have to decide whether his tactics work.


Contact Page: www.mikeferry.com/main/contact-us

Twitter: www.twitter.com/mikeferryorg

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mikeferryorg

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/MFOrganization

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