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Bowflex Max Trainer
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About Bowflex Trainer

Nautilus Inc. was to invent and launched the Bowflex MAX Trainer In December 2013. The Bowflex Max is basically a stair-stepping device and a combined elliptical trainer with that uses interval-training feature. This machine is made to have the least impact on your joints and MaxTrainer designers claim it to have “virtually zero-impact” on your joints. Compared to the traditional competitor’s models Bowflex MaxTrainer is a unique cardio machine that burns more than two-and-a half times the calories in just 14 minutes. Because MAXTrainer is a full-body machine, its technology is made for the user to keep burning fat even after the workout up to 48 hours. It’s practical compact design helps to conserve space even in the small apartment living. A sleek modern design that was inspired by motorcycles will keep you staying motivated to use it.

Product Details:

Bowflex Max Trainer comes in either the M3 or the higher-priced more advanced M5.

Max Trainer Bowflex Max Trainer M5 Bowflex Max Trainer M3
Resistance Automatic Manual
Levels 16 Resistance levels 8 Resistance levels
Programs 8 Workout programs 2 Workout programs
Users 2 User profile 2 User profile
Heat rate Contact Grips and Chest Strap Chest Strap
Max Weight 300lbs 300lbs
Dimensions 46”L x 25”W x 63”HCeiling user height +15” 46”L x 25”W x 63”HCeiling user height +15”
Backlight Display Yes No
Cup Holder Yes Yes
Media Shelf Yes Yes
Syncs with App Yes No
Premium Grips Yes No
Portable Yes No
Warranty/Guaranty 2 Years 1 Year
Price $1,599.00 $999.00
Phone: (800) 536-1796, (800)-605-3369

 Bowflex Features/Benefits:

  • An elliptical trainer combined with a stair-stepping device that uses interval training.
  • Latest fitness gadget.
  • It burns more than 2 times the calories than another workout.
  • Designed to be low-impact on the joints.
  • More intensive workout in less than 14 minutes.
  • Quick cardio workout, with fat burning effect up to 48 hours, it’s called “after burn effects”.
  • The compact design makes the Max Trainer ideal for in-home or office training while saving space.

Decide for yourself if the Max Trainer by Bowflex is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experience

  • I am very happy with the M5 I was skeptical at first as a daily runner I was doubtful that I could get a good cardiovascular workout but after using the machine it provides a great workout and I am impressed thus far.
  • This product is user friendly and you can feel the benefits as you step. It is an incredible workout and I am getting stronger every time I use my machine. I am pleased with the possibilities the machine offers as far as fitness and the low impact is a terrific feature. Treadmills make my hips and knees hurt and I knew I needed something different.
  • I use the Max Trainer 3 times a week sometimes doing the interval training or just timed training sometime both. It’s easy to use it’s fun to use I can do a sweat dripping workout in 14 minutes ,seriously with the intervals you work hard at your level . At the time you feel you can’t do anymore you’re done.
  • I am 53 years old and have had 3 back surgeries, I use to be an avid power walker but with life changes and job demands to give it a full hour + was just way too much time. I was looking for a piece of equipment that was low impact yet gives you an intense workout in less time. I have found it in the MAX! I am building up endurance and seeing my body transform. I love this machine.

Negative Experience

  • I have waited a long time to write this review to be fair. I should have heeded the warnings before buying this machine. It is too difficult unless you are already in excellent shape. If you are, you probably don’t need this. I had only been walking when I got this machine wanting to step up my workout. I have had it for a while and still cannot do the 14 minutes. It is just too hard. I really wish I had returned it, but the 30 days is not long enough to realize that it is just not for you. I am still using it just have to do small intervals at a time. But I am so sorry to say that I am not a happy customer.
  • I thought I could start off on low for 15 minutes and work my way up. I can walk on a treadmill on high for an hour. I’m not out of shape, but this is very hard to use. I could only do 2 minutes and have worked my way up to 5 minutes. It’s difficult to get it started. So I’m disappointed – I would return it and get the Bowflex step trader, but I don’t want to pay the return shipping.

Our Final Evaluation of the BowFlex MaxTrainer:
As with any other physical training machine consistency is key in getting the results promised by the manufacturer. The BowFlex MAXTrainer is sold through an “As Seen on TV” network, so just like any other advertisement the impressive results could be slightly exaggerated but never loose any hope. The Max Trainer by Bowflex – As Seen on TV does appear to have a top of the line of customer satisfactions, and that is in itself endorsement. If you want impressive results you are going to need to do more than exercise. You will also need to radically change your diet and choose a diet that suits your lifestyle best. Exercise always does a body good,  with that said,  MaxTrainer by Bowflex is one of the ways to reach your personal health goals.

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