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Marz Vitamin Sprays
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About Marz Vitamin Sprays

Marz Sprays is a fun new way to take your daily vitamins. Do you hate swallowing pills or applying creams? Marz Sprays is a revolutionary product designed to change how traditional vitamins are delivered. There vitamins supplements are sugar free, and are great for camping. This oral spray allows users to absorb more of the underlying nutrients while avoiding the unpleasantness of swallowing pills. Furthermore, you may recognize this product from its success on the popular TV show SharkTank.

Marz Sprays bottles contain more than 200 sprays and are perfect for the individual who is always on the go. Whenever considering a supplement of any kind, one should always consult their doctor and review their own medical history. Be sure to read the user reviews on SharkTank to make sure that this oral spay is the right product for you. Just remember, here at we want you to be happy and satisfied with your investment in Marz Sprays oral spray. Best of luck!

Marz Sprays Pricing and Details

Sprays Include: CSpray, ReBoot Energy Spray, Slim Spray, Sleep Spray and Kids Spray
Price: $39.99 – $74.98

Decide for yourself if the Marz Vitamin Sprays is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive View

  • Helped me with the cravings that I get each night for snacks. This doesn’t replace common sense exercise and healthy eating, it supplements it. But oh those cravings at night… they always get me. It tastes pretty good, but more importantly, it helped me lose 15 pounds, which was my goal. Highly recommended.


  • B12 can get pretty pricey, but I know how much it helps. Just spray into your mouth when you are on the go and for me, feels like a cup of coffee. I think it’s better absorbed when you spray under your tongue.
    Good stuff.


  • I use this all the time! It’s great for a healthy energy boost, fits in my purse, and I love the cinnamon flavor! You can use it several times a day. I used to take B12 shots, but don’t anymore. Just use this Marz Spray.

Negative View

  • Be careful when using with other drugs (i.e. antihistamines, caffeine, etc.) – it will give you the shakes or a headache. I used 2 sprays in the afternoon for a boost – it did its job without making you super hyper like other OTC products. Seller was ok – product arrived unboxed, but ‘sealed’ with an unbroken tab. The taste of this spray is TERRIBLE. The bottle is conveniently sized..


  • It says on the web site 100% guarantee – do not believe it. No mention of time. I’m sure it was a 90 day guarantee or I would not have bought into this. I waited because I did want it to work and I thought I had 90 days. What a joke. Save your money, it does not work and the customer service is horrendous.


  • Horrible rip off, just because of the shark tank episode. Don’t fall for it. I gave it 2 months to work and not only did I not lose weight but I finally realized this is what caused my itchy skin and depression.
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