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About LocalMillionaireSingles.com

The Internet contains countless dating websites for every type of niche you could imagine. The site, localmillionairesingles.com, focuses on pairing up single men and women with millionaires. When visiting the site, it becomes clear that LocalMillionaireSingles.com simply redirects to millionairematch.com. Millionaire Match is one of the most popular dating websites for millionaires online. Users of the site can verify their millionaire status so it is easy to tell which users on the sites are actually millionaires and which users simply wish to date a millionaire.

Quick Details about LocalMillionaireSingles.com

  • Redirects to millionairematch.com, which is one of the most popular millionaire dating websites on the internet
  • Pairs millionaires with people who wish to date millionaires
  • Implements an income verification feature that recognizes users that have proved to be actual millionaires

LocalMillionaireSingles.com Pricing & Refund Policy

The most basic membership from Millionaire Match is free of charge. With this membership you can add photos and information to your account, as well as search other users and reply to messages sent from ‘Gold’ membership users. The ‘Gold’ membership ranges from $39/month to $180 for 12 months. With the ‘Gold’ membership users gain access to all the site’s features, most notably the ability to message other users. There is no refund policy available, however membership can be canceled at any time.

What Do Other Consumers Have to Say about LocalMillionaireSingles.com?

Opinions about the Millionaire Match service are mixed and varied. Some members claim to have successfully used the site to meet millionaires to date. However, other users have not been so lucky and complain about the many fake users on the site. Overall, it seems that the Millionaire Match service is a mixed bag when it comes to consumer reviews.

Whats the Bottom line? Should you use LocalMillionaireSingles.com?

I wouldn’t go as far as to suggest signing up for the ‘Gold’ membership right off the bat, but if you are interested in the service it wouldn’t hurt to sign up for a free membership. With the free membership you can post a profile, search users, and respond back to messages sent from ‘Gold’ members. After using the free membership for some time, it would be much easier to determine if the ‘Gold’ membership option is right for you.

LocalMillionaireSingles.com Pros and Cons:


  • Millionaire Match service pairs millionaires with people who want to date millionaires
  • Verification feature allows users to easily tell who is a millionaire and who is not
  • Free membership option gives the opportunity to check out the service before signing up for ‘Gold’ membership


  • Mixed reviews about how well the dating service works
  • Complaints about fake user profiles
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