Life Beam Smart hat [REVIEWS]

Life Beam Smart hat [REVIEWS]

About Life Beam Smart hat

The Life Beam Smart hat is used to monitor the heart rate. It has built-in cadence sensor into a running cap. This is a competitor of the almighty heart rate monitor chest strap. The hat features advanced and quick features that make chest strap technology a bit slow, clunky and outdated. It can be connected to most of the devices or apps via Bluetooth or ANT+. You can track your data from that app.

Quick Details aboutLife Beam Smart hat

  • The Life Beam Smart hat does not need any chest strap. It gives you more comfort.
  • It has a professional dri-fit hat design.
  • It features an optical heart-rate sensor that is seamlessly included into the hat.
  • It connects to a smartphone, sports watch or cycling computer via Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ through a wireless medium.
  • It includes Velcro strap (one size fits all).
  • The hat is compatible with all type of weather.
  • It is hand washable.
  • It can be used for 17 hours at a stretch.
  • It features sound and LED light user interface.

Pricing & Refund Policy of Life Beam Smart hat

The life Beam Smart hat will cost you $99.00 plus the shipping cost. For a standard shipping of your product within 15 days, you have to pay $14.99. The Smart hat comes in 2 colors- black and white. They don’t produce hats of other colors, but you can get a tech in a visor style. The company also accepts product’s product refunds and exchanges within 30 days of purchase. Keep in mind that this refund policy is valid as long as the product is in new condition.

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What Do Other Consumers Have to Say aboutLife Beam Smart hat?

The Life Beam Smart hat has got 4.3 stars out of 5 at This product has received both positive and negative reviews from the consumers. Some of the consumers find this product very comfortable. They claim that it is far better than the chest straps and also looks cool when they are not running. Till now, this is the most comfortable and accurate optical solution for heart rate monitoring. However, some of the consumers claim this hat to be uncomfortable and unsecured. The charging port is open to sweat and rain. The biggest problem of Life Beam Smart hat is that it does not have any US distributor. People from the US suffers from the lack of proper customer care services.

Pros and Cons ofLife Beam Smart hat


  • The Life Beam Smart hat is a continuous heart rate monitoring system.
  • It does not use any chest strap and is very comfortable.
  • It has an excellent dri-hit hat design.
  • Its electronic units get in the way of exercises requiring you to lay on the ground or on a bench.
  • It has high-tech sensors for precise measurement of the heart rate.
  • It features step counter.
  • The hat can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 or ANT+.
  • It is tested with Endomondo, Polar Beat, Wahoo and MapMyRun (Both iOS and Android).
  • It is compatible with as many as 250+ fitness devices.


  • The Life Beam Smart hat is not suitable in brutally cold weather. It is not capable of providing as much protection as a winter skull cap.
  • It is not that much important for the people who opt for the race early in the morning. They are comfortable without it.
  • It may blow off if there are super strong winds. Due to being a lightweight device, it can’t withstand the extreme conditions.
  • It is very annoying to wear the cap when you are running for a long time or passing through a shaded area.
  • It is cumbersome in summer because it makes you sweat.

What’s the Bottom line? Should you getLife Beam Smart hat?

Those who find it trendy to wear a cap while exercising, the Life Beam Smart hat would be a great thing for them. It records their heart rate in the most accurate way without using any chest strap. The dri-hat design is very comfortable and it can be a good alternative to the traditional fitness tracking wristbands. This is cheaper than the Jawbone up 24 ($150) and the new Fit bit Charge ($130) though its performance is as good as them. You can try this hat to have a new experience and thus you can judge its compatibility with your lifestyle.

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