LearnVest [REVIEWS]

LearnVest [REVIEWS]

About LearnVest

LearnVest is an online financial planning utility that makes the calculation of your spending and budgets. It works as your bookkeeper. It provides you an access to the financial planner that can view your account. LearnVest users link their financial accounts such as- bank accounts, credit cards, investment accounts and loans to his site. It then observes necessary date from the accounts and provides an overall picture of your financial condition. In this digital world, this is an extremely useful utility that manage your money effectively and keeps you on the right track. When you use the budgeting page diligently, it gives you a blueprint of your current financial health.

Quick Details about LearnVest

  • LearnVest is an online utility that assists people to take control of their personal finances. It is totally free of cost.
  • This site will have the right to access your financial account once you begin your membership with LearnVest.com.
  • It organizes different financial accounts- credit, bank, loan etc. and keeps all the information in your “My Money Center”.
  • Once the necessary information is available in Money Center, you can keep track of your spending and organize your transactions with this utility.
  • It helps you to maintain a budget.
  • It provides a 3 months’ access to its financial expert, as well as Budgeting Course and personal Budgeting Plan for $69.00.
  • It costs $229.00 for 6 months’ access to LearnVest’s financial expert, basic courses and a core Financial Plan.
  • It costs $349.00 for 1 year’s access to LearnVest’s financial expert, all courses, and a complete Financial Plan.
  • It offers courses for the training of Budgeting, Five Year Plans, Investments, and Retirement Planning.

Pricing & Refund Policy of LearnVest

LearnVest also comes with a paid option. If you want to have access to LearnVest’s expert financial advice through your own dedicated planner, it will be helpful for you.

If you want to buy this online utility, it will cost you $299 for one-time setup and an addition of $19/month for ongoing support. The effect of the acquisition on pricing is confusing, but they will keep you updated about their latest changes.

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What Do Other Consumers Have to Say About LearnVest?

Most of the consumers have given positive reviews about this site. They have claimed this site to be an efficient personal accountant that helps you to have a control over your finances. Many of them have recommended this site to invest time and money more wisely. It saves a good amount of money each month and keeps you on track in everyday life.

Pros and Cons of LearnVest


  • LearnVest offers free 15-minute financial advisor consultation upon registration.
  • It provides straightforward set-up with automatic account syncing.
  • It has simple and streamlined dashboard interface.
  • It has the ability to manually enter transactions if you do not prefer automatic syncing.
  • It offers monthly classes to increase financial education.
  • It takes personal challenges to improve your numbers.


  • LearnVest does not have any Android app.
  • The cost of membership is high.
  • It does not alert you.
  • It lacks investing reporting.

What’s the Bottom line? Should you get LearnVest?

If you are thinking of saving money for kid’s education or paying loans off, LearnVest will help you a lot to organize your finances and save money. It shows where you are and where you need to go. It is strongly suggested to use this online utility to organize your expenditure based on your budget. LearnVest teaches you how to get rid of debt quickly and lead a tension-free life.

Basic Contact details of LearnVest

Website: https://www.learnvest.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/learnvest

Twitter: https://twitter.com/learnvest

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/learnvest/

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