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About Kuchoon.com

Kuchoon is a mobile app that allows you to manage your marketing campaigns from your smartphone. This app is designed to monitor various types of ads on various types of social media such as Facebook. The ultimate goal is to cut campaign costs and maximize returns. This is done by the apps data-driven algorithms that track consumer information. Kuchoon works on all bid types including oCPM and will save the investor an average of 15%.

Kuchoon combines the power of data-driven ad trackers with the convenience and mobility of smart phone. The ability to pause and start campaigns whenever you please is certainly a powerful tool. But, as with any app, you should thoroughly read the user reviews before considering its purchase. Here at Revyolo.com we want you to be happy with your investment and hold no regrets towards the purchase of the Kuchoon app.

Kuchoon.com Pricing/Details

  • Pricing: $9 – $99 per month
  • Website: www.kuhcoon.com
  • Product Type: Social Media Marketing Tool

Decide for yourself if the Kuchoon.com is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • This really changes the way you create and manage Facebook ads…saves a ton of money and a lot of time. Analytics are awesome. Takes campaigns to a level not offered anywhere else
  • I seriously use Kuhcoon constantly…the optimization is more powerful than anything else on mkt — pays for itself 15x over. customer service is outstanding… I had question answered via email in less than 10mins.
  • I’m loving the new 2.0 update! Super simple, easy to use, optimized ads save our agency money and time. If you advertise on Facebook you absolutely need this app. The new iPad app is also beautiful. :)

Negative Experiences

  • I had hoped that this would be a great way to manage Facebook ads from my iPhone/iPad. Unfortunately, this app crashes every time I try to click on the settings button, and I have yet to successfully view/create any ad campaigns using it. Great idea, but not currently a viable product. I would never consider paying for a subscription to a service that doesn’t work! I’ll look forward to revising my review if it takes a turn for the better – but in the meantime, I can’t possibly recommend this app, as it simply wasted my time.


  • This idea could be flawless, but I’ve downloaded the app a couple of times and it hasn’t allowed me to log in at all. The app only shows daily spend. It won’t pull ad or ad set data or allow me to edit any ads or ad sets. Like I said, flawless idea, but flawed execution.
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