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Kickfurther is a new platform that offers small business an opportunity to accelerate their growth through crowdsourcing. Most new businesses cannot get a bank loan to start out on with modern risk/benefit evaluations. Kickfurther allows you to post your inventory needs and users can login and support you. Once items start selling, the users get a kickback of the profits. This is a win-win. Kickfurther allows people to support small local businesses while encouraging this new entrepreneurial relationship.

Kickfurther is a revolutionary company like no other. It is refreshing to see this crowdsourcing mentality shifted forward. Kickfurther helps business purchase their inventory as a substitute for high interest bank loans. Before investing in this service, be sure to thoroughly read all of their user reviews to better understand this method of funding. Details

  • Product Type: Crowdfunded Inventory Financing
  • Platform TypeRoyalty
  • Region: Global
  • CategoryBusiness & Entrepreneurship, Fashion, Games, Design & Technology
  • Requesters Credentials: Must have a record of production and sales
  • Phone: 908-405-6688
  • Website:
  • Email:

Decide for yourself if the is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • Kickfurther is a great business and a really interesting new chapter for crowdfunding. It’s certainly a risky endeavor as you are investing in very small companies. But it’s more than a normal investment – it’s also a way to support a company making a product you believe in. I usually only pick companies on Kickfurther if I think they are innovating and creating something that could fill a need and really catch on.


  • I came across Kickfurther today and think there is a really big idea somewhere in their premise.Very interesting, in my ecomm experience the best sellers are always in there driving the majority of business and usually is pretty organic/stable. So being able to help invest in and gain from those could be compelling.


  • I’m a big fan of true equity crowdfunding is that investors don’t need to bring the same skills to the table. They have funded some really awesome projects like a flying car.

Negative Experiences

  • Since these aren’t publicly traded companies, the only way to get involved is if you are in venture capital and have a LOT of $$. Of course there’s a ton of risk, and I’d prefer if more information was available about the companys’ cash flows. But it’s at least an interesting idea.


  • Just an update on Kickfurther here. My initial “test” investment (in North Coast Organics, which was offering 10% return for a 2 month loan) was just paid back early (in 1 month). I invested $100 and got back $110. Pretty flippin sweet! I’ve invested in a few others that seem worthy. I don’t like all of them, some seem a little too speculative, but many offers are for companies with unique, interesting products with an existing customer base.



  • This analogy doesn’t make sense to me, sorry. I produced 10% revenue off a single expenditure, it really is fairly easy. That weren’t determined by real randomly opportunity as being a lottery ticket, it had been simply because I served invest in inventory for any organization of which and then sold that inventory at a profit.
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