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About Kabbage.com

Kabbage.com is one of the newest online financing technology and data companies whose decision process has been revamped to a paperless online application. The purpose of this company is to lend money to small business and consumers via a safe and secure process online. Kabbage.com bases its decision on more qualitative data versus quantitative data such as credit scores.

It is refreshing to see companies take the 21st century leap to paperless processes. Kabbage financing is available 24/7 and there is no obligation until you take the cash offered. As with any financing company, it is essential to read the reviews below and do your research. He at Revyolo.com we want you to have a hassle free loan process and be completely satisfied with your decision.

Kabbage.com Pricing/Details

  • Website: www.kabbage.com
  • Contact No: 888-986-8263
  • No Application Fee
  • Fees are 1% – 13.5% of your selected loan amount the first 2 months and 1% for each of the remaining 4 months. No early payment fees.
  • Every month, for six months, you pay back 1/6th of the total loan amount plus the monthly fee.

Decide for yourself if the Kabbage.com is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

 Positive Experiences

  • Kabbage is great if you have a business that is stable. I use kabbage at the end of the year when our sales slow down, in order to buy products to get ready for the new year, when sales always peak, and it has helped me be more prepared for our peak months. I have been in business 6 years and know my market so it was not so much of a risk because I know I can pay it back.
    But I would not advise it for anyone who is just starting out and doesn’t know whether they will get the sales because Kabbage starts taking the money back pretty quickly and you need to make sure you have the money in your account!
  • Ive used kabbage for about a year. I have had them withdrawal the money autpmatically but have also paid prior and had no problems just as with any autopay system. Ive used customer service only once and it was perfect.       Theyve increased my limit as ive added my social media and ups info. Ive gone from Silver to gold power seller and am also a Top rated Seller so before you yell shill.. Ive been on eBay 10+ years.. Just READ EVERYTHING so you know what to expect , just as you expect your Buyers to do with your listings…
  • I have taken out multiple loans from Kabbage to purchase more inventory. I then sold that inventory for far more that the amount of the loan. Kabbage always sends a reminder to me on a certain date every month saying that in 5 days, the agreed upon monthly amount would be removed from the PayPal account. They have never taken out more money than the amount I agreed to. Also, the only reason they will ever access your bank account, is if there is not enough money in your PayPal account to cover the monthly payment. Allowing Kabbage to have access to your PayPal and bank account information is no different than allowing any other company to automatically withdraw an agreed upon amount for automatic bill pay. I haven’t had a single problem with Kabbage.


  • I would not recommend Kabbage. You will be paying A LOT of money in interest and will have to pay it back extremely fast. You will have to pay it back over 6 months, but not evenly. For example, if you borrow about $10k, be prepared to pay around $3k of it back the following month.If you need an extension, sometimes it will be granted and sometimes it will not. When you are denied an extension, Kabbage will continuously take every penny from your Paypal account multiple times per day. Within 5-10 minutes of every deposit into your Paypal account, Kabbage will take all of your funds out.I called for an extension because I had to attend a funeral and got behind, and was denied the extension. Then the woman on the phone was rude to me and told me that “If I was not willing to pay…” and then explained the methods that would be used to get the money from me. I was willing to pay, just not capable at that moment. I was trying to work something out and she was very cold with me and told me to do what I could to find the funds. If she had given me a week or two I could have come up with the money.This company preys on the weak. They will give you thousands of dollars within minutes, but in my opinion it is too good to be true and I would avoid this at all costs.
  • I have been a Kabbage user for over 2 years. Kabbage has helped grow my business by providing me with up to 40k to purchase inventory. Everything has been fine for the last couple of years up until 2 months ago. Recently I have been having problems with some kind of glitch in their autopay system. The autopay feature, (which is no choice of my own) has been pulling more than it is supposed to for my monthly payment. Kabbage is cleaning out my paypal account as soon as I make an online sale. It will continue to withdraw funds until there is nothing left. I had contacted them and they did fix the problem after 3 days (which I don’t have the time for) with no explanation of why. So now the next month goes by and it happens again. Long story short, if you’re an entrepreneur or other type of small business owner, stay away from this. There are better service providers out there and Paypal now offers a similar type of program with lower interest rates. Kabbage for the last couple of months has caused me nothing but unnecessary stress. Please keep in mind that I was not late on payments and I did have the funds available. Thier computer system or somone behind it is malfunctioning.
  • They want the login to my store and the login to my bank just to apply. Who would be crazy to give the login to their store and the login to their bank to some online website hoping that website will loan money at a high interest rate?
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