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About is a service providing screen sharing capabilities and hosting for web meetings. The main point of is that the service is a much simpler way to host web meetings. This reduces the technological learning curve and troubleshooting problems sometimes associated with web meetings. Participants of a web meeting can simply log on to the unique URL administered for the meeting and they are connected immediately.

Quick Details about

  • Simple, fast, efficient hosting for web meetings
  • Participants do not need to have an account or download anything
  • Meetings can include up to 250 people
  • Meeting can be hosted from iPad
  • Voice-only meetings can be hosted from an iPhone or Android device
  • Recording capabilities with an included 5 gigs of storage
  • Scheduling software to help organize meetings
  • Screen sharing for better communication Pricing & Refund Policy

For almost all of your basic web meeting needs you could get by with the free service offered by However, to take advantage of most of the features offered you can upgrade your account to one of the more advanced versions. has two upgraded account options, Pro and Enterprise. These are priced at about $15 to $19 respectively. The amount of additional features offered by these accounts is significant. I would say the biggest difference between the Pro and Enterprise accounts is that the Enterprise account contains 100GB of cloud storage while the Pro account only contains 5GB.

What Do Other Consumers Have to Say about

Users of appear to be very satisfied with the services offered. Most consumers agree that the service is extremely simple and easy to use. It has helped make organizing web meetings into a quick and seamless task. Many people feel like the Pro and Enterprise accounts are well worth the money for the array of features they provide.

Whats the Bottom line? Should you use

If hosting web meetings is part of your job requirements and especially if you frequently host meetings with new people, is an excellent service for you. I think that the service provided by is highly effective and can add a fluency to web meetings that other services cannot. Once you create an account and learn the basics I suggest an upgrade to Pro or Enterprise to take advantage of the many other features available. Pros and Cons


  • Simple and efficient hosting for web meetings
  • Participants of web meetings do not need to download anything or even setup an account
  • Many advanced features for Pro and Enterprise accounts


  • Screen sharing feature shares entire screen therefore you cannot make it only show a specific window
  • Some more advanced requirements may not be possible with’s software.
  • Free account only contains minimal features
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