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Jibo Robot
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The Jibo Robot

Jibo is a new robot designed with a set of skills to be helpful for the entire family. When connected to wifi, Jibo creators claim this robot can perform a variety of actions, including take pictures and make video calls, identify members of the family, deliver messages, and adapt to your habits and tastes. Creators also claim that you will be able to communicate with Jibo from anywhere in the room and that communication is easier because it’s capable of using natural cues. The creators also claim that the robot will be able to do even more than it was designed for, as app, additional software, and features get developed for it. What does Jibo look like? Jibo is designed as male, comes in black or white, and is rather small. It has a cylindrical 6 inch base, stands 11 inches tall, has a half sphere topping it off (much like a head) that includes an LCD touch screen, and weighs only 6 pounds. Jibo speaks English.

About Jibo Robot

After their team of engineers designed the prototype for Jibo, the company began their funding campaign in the summer of 2014. The Jibo crowdfunding campaign was very successful, as it has raised over 2 million dollars. The developer edition will not be released until fall 2015 and the home edition in winter. It is set to be fully released to the public by the summer of 2016. Currently, they are not accepting new orders.

Purchasing a Jibo

The Jibo home edition is priced at $599 (which comes with a JiboAlive Toolkit) and the developer edition at $699 (which comes with a JiboAlive SDK). The robot ships to the U.S. and Canada. All editions of Jibo are currently sold out.

Contact Information

You can contact Jibo by emailing support@jibo.com.

What people are saying about Jibo Robot

The robot has not yet been released, so there is no customer feedback yet. However, people generally seem to be eager for Jibo; there is a buzz surrounding him. This could be the beginning of a future we all have in mind, of personal robots in our homes, something akin to I Robot or the Jetsons. And isn’t that exciting? Circling the excitement though, is also some trepidation. There’s a lot of ways this robot could let down our hopes. For example, what if Jibo doesn’t respond well enough to our human cues? Goodbye friendly helper bot, hello creepy toy.

Bottom Line on Jibo Robot

This robot, though it might prove to be disappointing in comparison to what we hope for, could be a good addition to the family devices. Even if it does not live up to all of its claims, the software and interface will develop over time. And either way, Jibo will have features that can be useful. So the bottom line here is if you have the means to purchase a family robot, why not?


-Jibo will develop over time as new features are added.

-It can be used, and it designed to be helpful for, all ages and everyone in a family.

-Has a variety of features that can be of use in day to day life.

-It’s lightweight and small.


-It has not been released yet, we don’t know how well this robot will perform.

-When it is released, it’s possible that it won’t live up to its claim right away. It could take time for all of those capabilities to be added.

-It’s not international. It speaks one language, English, and is only available for U.S and Canada (except for those who participated in their campaign).

-It has to be connected to wifi.

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