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Jeaneez Legging Pants

What are Jeaneez ?

Jeaneez is a type of women’s leggings with a 3D printed design on them to give them a designer jean look but have the comfortable and easy feel. No need to choose between leggings and jeans anymore now that you can wear Jeaneez with virtually everything. Get the Jeaneez stylish new look that is the combination of leggings and jeans with no buttons or zipper. The Jeaneez pants are available in three different styles to help you match your outfits, distressed blue, stonewashed black and of course classic denim. The three-dimensional printed fabric makes all three styles closely match designer denim. Much less hassle than putting on skinny denim jeans, with Jeaneez you can just pull on and be on your way. Jeaneez fabric is made with exclusive Slimtex Technology, which allows the comfortable stretchy material to be compressed against the shape of your body, making your legs look toned, slim and leave you feeling great. The comfy but sleek fabric won’t wrinkle or twist, and you can forget about panty lines because Jeaneez fabric hides those as well. Unlike regular jeans, the wonderful Jeaneez fabric’s stretchy nature will also prevent love handles from spilling over the waist of the pants.

Product Details

  • Type: 3D leggings wear
  • For: Female
  • Style: 3 (Distressed, Stone Blue, Stone Black)
  • Materials: ComfiStretch Fabric, Slimtex Technology
  • Price: $19.95 plus P&H $7.95
  • Offer: 1:2 free just pay separate P&H
  • Size: S/M – Fits sizes 4-10, L/XL – Fits sizes 12-18
  • Website:

Jeaneez Features/Benefits

  • Make legs look firm.
  • Buttons and zippers on standard jeans are often annoying, but these pants contain none.
  • Denim jeans often become uncomfortable during the day; for example, if you eat a big lunch, the waistband may become tight, or if you move around a lot, the jeans may become loose. Due to the stretchy nature of Jeaneez, you won’t have this issue when you’re wearing them.
  • Combines unique comfort of leggings with modern jean designs.
  • Hide panty lines.
  • Combine Comfort & Fashion.
  • Light Compression Zones.
  • Patented no Twist Design.
  • No more love handles.

Decide for yourself if the Jeaneez is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences

  • I’m 5’4 and they fit great. When I first opened it looked so small I thought it could fit my daughter but I tried them on and it fits great. The material stretches that it even looks like it can fit a taller person.
  • I just received these for Christmas and they are awesome. They look small but when you put them on they fit great!! They are very stylish and a good buy! I think every woman who loves leggings should get these! Overall, just pure awesome.
  • Jeaneez are a good fit and feel great. I really love wearing these.

Negative Experiences

  • Very poor quality material. Not true to size. Shipping is just pure outrageous. I would not recommend this product to anyone.
  • Jeaneez is leggings and jeans at the same time. It sounds nice in concept but not an all when you wear them. I tried them on and it looks like I have jeans painted on my skin. It will only look flattering to girls who work out and have nice legs. If your legs are stubby like mine, the look won’t flatter you at all, despite what the advertisement claims.
  • I wouldn’t touch this product if I were you. You’re better off with leggings. With leggings, you know what you’re getting. The ad claims that Jeaneez is better because it really looks like jeans but it looks so fake! It doesn’t fit nice either.
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