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About Invoice2go App (

Running your own business can often seem like there’s a never ending list of things to take care of and figure out. Invoice2go App ( was designed to help make things run smoother and quicker. Using the app, you can easily create invoices and other documents right from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Quick Details about Invoice2go App (

  • Create custom invoices for your business
  • Generate charts and reports from the information recorded in your invoices
  • Other additional features include:
    • Receipts2go
    • Calendar2go
    • Maps2go
    • Sign2go
    • Scan2go
    • Statements2go

Invoice2go App ( Pricing & Refund Policy

The Invoice2go App is free to download. There are 3 membership plans offered by Invoice2go App ( The Trial plan is free of charge, but only includes 1 user and 3 free invoices. The breakdown of the other 3 membership plans are:

  • Starter ($49 per year)
    • 100 invoices
    • 5 client listings
  • Pro ($99 per year)
    • Unlimited invoices
    • 200 client listings
    • Apps2go features
  • Enterprise ($149 per year)
    • Unlimited invoices
    • Unlimited client listings
    • Apps2go features
    • 5 users
    • Maps2go

All membership plans include a 90 day refund if you are at all dissatisfied with Invoice2go App.

What Do Other Consumers Have to Say about Invoice2go App (

Consumer satisfaction has been very high with this helpful and efficient app. People who run their own business’ benefit greatly from being able to quickly produce invoices and other important documents. Users of Invoice2go ( claim that they often receive payment from clients faster than previously when using invoices made through the Invoice2go App.

Whats the Bottom line? Should you use Invoice2go App ( ?

The Invoice2go App is a valuable tool to anyone who owns and runs their own business. I highly recommend downloading the Invoice2go App ( and signing up for the free account to check out the service. After that I recommend signing up for the Pro plan because it provides the greatest balance between features and price. Don’t sign up for the Starter plan, because it only includes 100 invoices for the entire life span of the account. After 100 invoices you are going to need to pay more money to upgrade to Pro.

Invoice2go App ( Pros and Cons


  • Create invoices and other important documents quickly and efficiently using a smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Monitor aspects of your business by using the charts and reports generated from information on your invoices
  • Additional features included


  • Other more expensive invoice apps have more capabilities
  • Web version doesn’t work as well as the smartphone and tablet apps

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