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About seeks to educate inventors on how to make a profit on their creativity through licensing and the whole process of it. Taught in a personal, yearlong program with a dedicated mentor, Stephen Key, is for up and coming inventors who are serious about their creation. Many entrepreneurs have great startup ideas but lack the experience and knowledge to get them to take off and pitch them so that investors see the promise in them. In this program Stephen Key shares his insight and wisdom on how to get your idea into the public and make it successful. Features and Benefits

Yearlong program that covers everything related to getting your product on the shelves- contract negotiation, product evaluation, marketing, patenting, and so on. Pricing

The course is available for one payment of $2,144 or 8 monthly payments of $289.

Will Invent Right Help You?

 Several positive testimonials are available on the website where students exclaimed the information learned in the course greatly helped their business. While a collection of reviews for the online course are not available, Stephen Key’s bestselling book One Simple Idea has 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon out of 321 reviews, with many noting the book helped them get their ideas off the ground and gave them valuable advice. PROS and CONS:


  • A yearlong course to teach all the secrets, tips and tricks to getting your idea patented
  • Taught by a successful entrepreneur with 20 products licensed under him


  • An expensive course without guaranteed results

Bottom Line: Should You Use

Stephen Key has already taught 10,000 students around the world, and numerous professionals and former students swear by his work. While this sort of course is ripe for being a scam, all evidence points to this being a legitimate course offered by a seasoned professional capable of helping creatives get their ideas and inventions into reality.

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