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iGrow Helmet
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About iGrow LLLT Helmet

IGrow low-level light therapy helmet is a safe and effective hands free system that treats hair loss. This device uses lasers at specific wavelengths to stimulate hair growth. IGrow has the convenience of a product you can use at home combined with the results of clinical treatment. IGrow is a safe way to regrow hair in men and has a built in ipod/mp3 interface.

Low-level light therapy is one the best methods proven to help regrow hair. The uniquely designed helmet provides full scalp coverage and is designed with over 51 laser and LED light sources. When investing in a product that allows you to regrow hair at home, it is import to check out the iGrowth hair regrowth user reviews to make sure that this is the product that you desire. Best of luck!

iGrow LLLT Helmet Pricing/Details

  • Price: $695.00
  • Phone: 1 (949) 854-9900
  • Website: www.igrowlaser.com

Decide for yourself if the iGrow LLLT Helmet is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below


Positive Experiences

  • I cut my hair which is the lowest setting for a barbers razor the day I got my Igrow. My wife took a picture of the top of my head so we could evaluate this for ourselves. Over the period of 3 months I could see the new hair starting to come in. This device looks funny but it works. The fact that it’s a one-time expense is nice also. I now look forward to relaxing with it on. I use it 2 or 3 times a day for 15 minutes or so and no one bothers me while I have it on. I think the kids are afraid of it :). My wife was very skeptical when I bought it but now she also uses it. Everyone’s different, you won’t know till you try.


  • Easy to assemble. Easy to use. The light is bright, but it does NOT burn the scalp. I highly recommend it. The earlier in life you start using it, the better results you will have.


  • I am a young woman with diffuse hair loss and use the laser helmet for 4 months. My hair condition has clearly improved since using. Every other day I use it for 20 minutes.

Negative Experiences

  • LLLT is quite simply a waste of money. When I heard about laser combs and helmets I spent hours researching the devices and the technology behind them, because they’re all soo much damn money. The basic bottom line is that red lasers do marginally help hair growth for a very small amount of people. I don’t understand the science behind it but it does work to varying degrees for a select few people. The sad thing is that you’re basically paying hundreds of dollars for red lasers, the exact same tech that’s in a bar code scanner, or a light up keychain.So I’d say buy some red laser pointers and rig them to a bike helmet if you’re really set on LLLT. Just get low level (read: weak) lasers so you don’t burn your hair/scalp.


  • When I bought the iGrow, I was a freakish, hairless monstrosity, It’s not approved for men with male pattern baldness. You need to mention this in your advertising.



  • This product might be good if you have an extra bathroom. If you are using this product in the same place where you go to the bathroom then it is no good. You will find litter scattered everywhere in your bathroom. I don’t recommend using this product. You can make your own seat with a few materials for about the same price.
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