About IdeaBuyer LLC

Idea Buyer LLC is a New Product Development company that owns and operates Idea Buyer. is an online marketplace to license and sell patents. It is world’s largest marketplace for patents since its foundation in 2007. It has processed Billions of Dollars in patent sales.

The Client Network concept could be a new product information employed by leading client product firms and entrepreneurs. They seek original product concepts in different industries. Plan client is distinguishable with varied patent licensing agreements and patent sells. It works as a development firm or an internet marketplace. The plan client LLC figures out the merchandise development and sale method inside the buyer product market. They give a platform of monitored exposure to the investors for high consumer product buyers. It offers economical thanks to scout for original product concepts and patents available by investors. IdeaBuyer LLC provides an online marketplace for common people where they can sell or license their material possession.

Quick Details aboutIdeaBuyer LLC

  • The Idea Buyer Network is a new product database used by leading consumer product companies and entrepreneurs.
  • It has been credited with numerous patent licensing agreements and patent sales.
  • It is world’s largest product development firm and an online marketplace.
  • This website provides a platform of monitored exposure to the inventors for top consumer product buyers.
  • It offers new Product Development and Marketing, Product Promotion, Networking, Market Research, Branding, Engineering, 3D Printing, Prototyping, Licensing, Patent Sales to its users.
  • It gives the company an efficient way to scout for original product ideas and patents for sale by investors.
  • It offers an online marketplace to people to sell or license their intellectual properties.

Pricing & Refund Policy of IdeaBuyer LLC

Contract Based. Every Client is different

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Basic Contact details of IdeaBuyer LLC


What Do Other Consumers Have to Say About IdeaBuyer LLC?

Consumers have said that has helped them getting more purchase orders than before. As a result, they have got a grown amount of sales over last few months. They have suggested being prepared first and then apply for it. Because some people complaint about their rejection even after applying several times. Idea Buyer may not be interested in working with all type of products. So, before choosing this marketplace for your product’s licensing and branding, get to know about them well. If your products are in their favorite list, you will certainly be able to draw the attention of buyers through this website for sure!

Pros and Cons of IdeaBuyer LLC


  • IdeaBuyer LLC provides individual lists of intellectual property available to be sold or licensed.
  • They post the listing on their site and broadcast to their network of over 3,000 active buyers.
  • Once the list is posted, interested parties contact the seller.
  • They take the request of more information or a presentation from the interested parties.
  • They have due diligence and negotiations department.
  • They finalize the purchase or licensing offline between the buyer and seller.


  • IdeaBuyer does not allow sending attachments along with the message.
  • It does not have any social media sharing button to share their listing on sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or YouTube.
  • It does not have featured patent highlight on new patents on a daily basis.
  • This marketplace does not offer consultation on pricing a patent.
  • It does not include any template agreements available for people.
  • It is not possible to upload videos to the listing provided by IdeaBuyer.

What’s the Bottom line? Should you get IdeaBuyer LLC?

Being world’s largest marketplace for licensing and selling patterns, IdeaBuyer LLC has gained a lot of popularity. It helps you get more purchase order from buyer once your product list attracts them. We suggest you to know about IdeaBuyer’s preferable product lists and policies before contacting them. Because if they are not interested in your products, they may overlook your proposal. So, before engaging with this marketplace prepare yourself first to avoid rejection of your application.

Click Here to be taken to the list of all Idea Licensing Books and Training Guides that are available on

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