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Ice Chips Candy
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About Ice Chips Candy – As Seen on Shark Tank

Ice Chips Candy are healthful, dissolving, sweets that are accredited organic candy! They give you a burst of flavor in your mouth that makes just eating one, a hard thing to do. These, good for you candies, come in a variety of flavors and truly grab your attention, because they are delicious and satisfying in every bite. Perfect if you have a sweet tooth, Ice chips candy have the ability to make your teeth stronger and prevent tooth deterioration! Also, diabetics can enjoy the taste of the candy without worrying about their health. Finally, you can savor candy without the guilt and all the sugar it comes with it. It’s safe for adults and teenagers, all day every day! When eating Ice Chips, healthy has never tasted so good! Enjoy the sweet taste throughout the day, while they keep your breathe fresh, and your teeth healthier!

Ice Chips Candy are dentist recommended for a better mouth, and strong, healthy pearly white teeth! These sugar-free candies make life easier for diabetics, teens, and adults that are trying to watch their sugar intake. There has been a lot positive reviews on this product, such as customers that were happy about the dental health, the flavors, and the fact that they contain absolutely no sugar at all! If you are dieting or simply just watching your weight, Ice Chip Candy is a great substitute for the mass-produced unhealthy candies out there. We suggest that you read as much information about this product as possible before you buy it, and be aware of the health benefits and warnings at all times. We want you to make a safe choice, and be 100% satisfied at the end of your purchase!

Product Details

  • Originator: Beverly Vines-Haines & Charlotte Clary
  • Main Ingredient: Birchwood Xylitol
  • Made in: USA
  • Shipping:   Free
             Cinnamon              Root Beer Float
             Coffee and Cream              Spearmint
             Cranberry              Menthol Eucalyptus
             Berry Mix              Ginger
             Lemon              Cherry
             Licorice              Margarita
             Pina Colada              Pumpkin Spice
             Orange Cream              Peppermint
             Strawberry Daiquiri              Wintergreen
Ice chips ( Varieties Packs) Price
FruityHolidayMintPartyTherapeutic $29.95
Super Deluxe $79.95
Shark Tank Special $24.95

Decide for yourself if the Ice Chips Candy is a Scam or Legit after reading the user reviews below

Positive Experiences 

  • My husband and I really enjoying ice chips. We started eliminating sugar from our diet about five month ago. Ice chips have been a very delicious treat. We use natural sweeteners for all or our cooking, baking, and sweetening of things like coffee and tea. Xylitol is included in ice chips candy which is one of our favorite sweeteners.
  • I totally love Ice chips and discovered these in a local health food store. I bought the ice chips candy for my daughters. They are loved it. I was looking for some diabetic-friendly licorice for mine. For the record, I am not a diabetic but I am on low glycolic diet. However I discovered the licorice Ice Chips and bought them. I was immediately addicted. Then I read the package and was blown away about this candy being good for your teeth. So I looked up their website and found a ton of other flavors. I want to try all of them. These ice chips are almost too good to be true.
  • I just wanted to say that, I really like these ice chips candy and love it totally. It comes in a tin and so refreshing compared to the usual plastic containers that are everywhere now-a-days. I am pre-diabetic and pick up little tins of candy ever so often. They taste wonderful and I can use the tin for something else later when it’s got empty. It reminds me of the days when plastic was not so much in use.

Negative Experiences 

  • These are not good for anyone who has a sensitive stomach. They made me feel severely ill with non-stop diarrhea for a whole day. They taste pretty alright, but will steer clear from them from now on. Also, I do hate to say this but your stands don’t look very professional. I thought it was a gimmicky thing that was trying to rope in people like those giveaways, not something that would attract my eyes normally.
  • I cannot say enough wonderful things about ice chips. I don’t like its flavor at all.
  • I will not recommend it to anyone. Though it’s sugar free and made by xylitol. This chemical (xylitol) does upset my digestion but I would try to adjust but it not happened. Price is not an issue, since I don’t use sugar at all.


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