Hurricane Spin Mop (As Seen on TV) [REVIEWS]

Hurricane Spin Mop
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About Hurricane Spin Mop (As Seen on TV)

Keeping a house or apartment clean can be an extremely difficult task. Mops often get dirty easily and never seem to get completely clean after you ring them out. This is the problem that claims to be solved by the Hurricane Spin Mop. The way that the Hurricane Spin Mop (As Seen on TV) works is that when you are done mopping you place it into a bucket that is operated from a foot pedal. This foot pedal then makes the mop spin around in the soapy water before you place it into a basket that also spins the mop to ring it out. This system attempts to make the task of rinsing and ringing out a mop much easier and efficient.

Quick Details about Hurricane Spin Mop (As Seen on TV)

  • Ring out mop much quicker than the traditional way
  • No need to get hands dirty while using
  • Water used to clean stays clean for longer due to the innovative design of the bucket
  • Uniquely designed mop head allows cleaning in tight places usually difficult to reach with a regular mop head
  • Available in white, purple, green, and orange

Hurricane Spin Mop Pricing & Refund Policy

The Hurricane Spin Mop package costs about $39.99. With this package you receive one mop pole, one bucket, and two mop heads. There is a one year limited warranty on the mop and a 30 day warranty on the mop heads.

You can find it on >HERE<

What Do Other Consumers Have to Say about Hurricane Spin Mop?

In regards to functionality, the Hurricane Spin Mop (As Seen on TV) has received numerous positive reviews. Consumers back up the claim that the mop makes the job of cleaning a floor much quicker and less messy. Most users state that the microfiber mop heads work very well to remove dirt and other debris from the floor. However, the one major complaint from consumers is that the mop handle breaks extremely easy. Other’s say that the foot pedal has some issues as well.

Whats the Bottom line? Should you get Hurricane Spin Mop?

It is my belief that the Hurricane Spin Mop (As Seen on TV) is well worth the money. With this product you will no longer have to ring out dirty, disgusting mop heads. The Hurricane Spin Mop is an efficient product that can make cleaning much less messy. The price tag seems reasonable although I highly recommend saving any information that may be needed if the mop handle breaks and you would like a replacement.

Hurricane Spin Mop Pros and Cons


  • Makes cleaning floors quicker and more efficient
  • Uniquely designed mop heads can get to hard to reach places
  • Design of bucket keeps water clean for longer


  • The mop handle breaks very easily
  • The foot pedal can wear out with heavy use

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